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I love Schlitterbahn! As my trip last year to the Galveston location shows, my girls love it too! I want to take them back and have heard that the New Braunfels Schlitterbahn is just as amazing! Here are some reasons I can’t wait to take the kids! As an experienced single mom taking three kids to a water park, here are some tips!

Tips for Traveling to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels with Your Kids #BahnLove ad

Tell Your Kids Who to Find if They Get Lost

Sometimes, kids just get lost. It is important that they know who to go to if they do. So take the time in the beginning to find a few staff members so that the kids know what their uniform looks like. Show them what the lifeguard stands look like and how to get help if they need it.

Keep the Kids on One Ride at a Time

I could not handle three kids wanting to be on three different rides, especially since the little one wanted me to go on rides with her. So the rule in the beginning was that everyone stays on the same ride. No one had an issue with it and we had a great time!

Tips for Traveling to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels with Your Kids #BahnLove ad

Stay Calm

The worse thing you can do as a parent at a crazy, busy water park is to panic! Make sure that you keep your eyes on the kids but if something does happen, take a deep breath, reach out for help and stay calm. The water is not deep and most kids can stand. Make sure the kids know that ahead of time too!

It’s The Year of Anniversaries!

World’s Most Award Winning Uphill Water Coaster, The Master Blaster, turns 20: The Schlitterbahn New Braunfels park is home to a guest favorite, the world famous Master Blaster. Built in 1996, this 2.5 minute ride is over 65 feet tall and sends guests on an exhilarating ride down two, 3 story drops. It is easily the most iconic uphill water coaster in the world. Does your family have any fun memories of riding the Master Blaster?  The girls and I have never ridden it but it looks amazing!

Tips for Traveling to Schlitterbahn New Braunfels with Your Kids #BahnLove ad

When was the last time you went to a Schlitterbahn Water Park?