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Texas: How to Save on Your Summer Electric Bill in One Step

I admit it. I am lazy. Not in everything, of course, but when it comes to looking at my bills, my providers and what I am actually paying for, I am lazy. It is such a hassle to change providers for anything these days and, with so many options, it is so hard to know the right choice. Let’s take our electric bills, for instance. In Texas, we have a choice now. Years ago we didn’t. But when de-regulation happened, the state was flooder with electricity providers with offers none of us could refuse. Now, though, the job has toughened. Now you really have to take the time to search for the best rate for you and your home. I simply don’t have time. Lucky for me, I was contacted by Energy Ogre and my issue of searching and hunting and saving is done. All I had to do was sign up!

My stress with my bills and trying to save on them started with my December electric bill. It was almost $500. $500 for a family of four led by a single mom. Luckily, I planned for it because, over the last few years, this is typical. I have an all electric house and the bills do fluctuate from less than $150 on a regular month to up to and over $500 for the winter months.

But it is still a shock. Every year. Part of the shock and stress is that I knew I could do better. I knew that the provider I was with had raised rates with every new renewal to points past what I was trying to save when I took the ‘introductory offer’ years ago.

Texas: How to Save on Your Summer Electric Bill in One Step with Energy Ogre

But who has the time? With over 135 energy providers in Texas now and over 2000 plans, where was I going to find the hours it would take to search out the right provider, the right plan, the right timeline to look again and everything else that comes with switching providers.

Shoot! I am on the phone with a cell phone provider as I write this and have now been on hold for over 15 minutes! Imagine how long it would take for me to scour through the energy providers in Texas!

We Texans needed help and Energy Ogre stepped in. With state of the art technology and customer service that put energy providers to shame, I was able to sign up, pay the measly $10 a month fee for them to take this off my plate and save more than than on my very first switch!

All I did was give them my address and my permission and they did the leg work, searching every plan, every introductory offer and every provider to get me the best deal possible. I went from 11.62c per kWh to 8.1c per kWh!! All with a 5 minute sign up with Energy Ogre. Even with the $10 monthly fee – or you can pay annually and be done with it – I saved $37 and some change my very first month!

Texas: How to Save on Your Summer Electric Bill in One Step and save

Here is the really great part about Energy Ogre. They automatically put you in the best plan with the best end date and then search again when you get close to expiration. Also, they will make sure they don’t put you in a plan that will end on a high energy month – like anything summer in Texas!

Basically, you hand your electric bill worries over to Energy Ogre and you never worry about it again! How cool is that?

I really wish I had known about them earlier and, now that I do, I am excited to realize the savings!

Texas: How to Save on Your Summer Electric Bill in One Step and smile

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