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Save $450 a Year on Quality Baby Formula AND Enter to WIN $1500 in Sam's Gift Cards

The other day I was searching around on my computer looking for a certain photo. I stumbled upon one folder that walked me through the days of my children’s infancy. As I scrolled through, I was taken back to the days of squishy toes and tiny smiles. The days when I could hold them in my arms and envelope their whole bodies. Now I hold them and their legs dangle below, their arms able to wrap around me. I also saw photos of the girls with a myriad of bottles, enjoying a meal, and photos of my breastfeeding them, enjoying the bond that we all had. I was also taken back to just how expensive it is to have babies and how I used to look everywhere for deals on everything from diapers to the formula I supplemented with. It was a given that Sam’s Club was going to have the best price on diapers but they also have Member’s Mark Formula and, by using this formula which has the same high quality ingredients as national brands, you can save up to $450 a year.

Save $450 a Year on Quality Baby Formula AND Enter to WIN $1500 in Sam's Gift Cards for your child

Back in my couponing days, when I had three babies under 3, I learned the value of stocking up. Having the supplies you need in the house when your family needs it is so important. When you have one breastfeeding and the other is hungry, it is wonderful to open the cabinet and see the formula sitting right there. By stocking up on Member’s Mark Formula, and at prices below the national brands, I had what I needed on hand and saved money too. 

Member’s Mark Formula from Sam’s Club offers the same high-quality ingredients as national brands, while allowing shoppers to save $450 annually. We all need that when we are also paying for diapers, clothes that they grow out of overnight and so much more!

Save $450 a Year on Quality Baby Formula AND Enter to WIN $1500 in Sam's Gift Cards for me and Sarah

Just like national brands, Member’s Mark Formula offers a variety of formula’s that meet your baby’s needs!

  • Member’s Mark Formula: Sensitivity – Tender tummies love our Sensitive formula. It’s ideal for lactose-sensitive babies, and features a unique blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E.
  • Member’s Mark Formula: Infant – Get your baby started right with our Infant formula. It contains nutrients found in breast milk, and an excellent source of nutrition for the first year.
  • Member’s Mark Formula: Advantage – Our high-quality Advantage formula is made to resemble breast milk, and contains a unique blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E.
  • Member’s Mark Formula: Gentle – A special milk-based formula with easy-to-digest proteins. Member’s Mark Gentle is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients that support your baby’s brain development.

$450 buys a lot of diapers so making the decision to shop Sam’s Club for your baby’s formula needs just makes sense! Buy before 12/31/2017 and get extra Kicks on Shopkick, an app to help you save money in store!

Sam’s Club is so sure that you will love the benefits of Member’s Mark Formula and be excited about the savings that they are giving away gift cards to celebrate!

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