Thanks to Alpine Lace® for sponsoring today’s discussion about my Life Balances. Writings and opinions are my own.


So many times in my life I have started to get healthier and then fallen off the wagon. I have reverted back to my old ways. Ways that were awesome when I was 20 and able to handle anything I wanted to eat. Now, at 41, I have to watch what I put into my body. And though I still have a little ways to go, I am slowly but surely slimming down more. Part of a foolproof Secret to Success is simply only having quality products in your home. Like Alpine Lace® cheese! Using this cheese that has 25% less fat is perfect for me Sausage and Cheese Stacks, too! A snack that gives me a kick without more inches to my waist!

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Sausage and Cheese Stacks

I can confess, cheese is a serious weakness for me. I have been known to buy the huge packs at a warehouse store and devour it all in just a few days. Though cheese is OK, better cheese with less fat is better. Especially for my cheeseaholic ways!

But using products like Turkey Summer Sausage and Alpine Lace® Low Fat Swiss Cheese can help me get what I want with nothing I don’t need!

Alpine Lace Low Fat Swiss CheeseYou can get your Alpine Lace® Low Fat Swiss Cheese at your deli. I had it sliced for me ’cause that is just fun!

To reduce the fat in this easy snack, I used Reduced Fat Olive Oil and Herb Crackers, Turkey Summer Sausage, Alpine Lace® Low Fat Swiss Cheese and a dollop of Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese to top! The sharp flavor of the cheese was distinct and made this cheeseaholica very happy!

When you are on the go, it’s important to stay energized. A quick snack can do just the trick for keeping you fueled and ready for your life’s adventures. What are some things you can pair with reduced fat Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese to create a delicious, easy, adult-friendly snack?  Share YOUR snack ideas on the Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese Facebook page. ‘Alpine Lace® Deli Cheese’! 
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