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The title of this post is no lie. As a mom to three growing girls and three dogs, I loathed laundry. It was never ‘done’, always in process and the laundry baskets filled faster than I could wash it. A few weeks in a row, I decided to actually count the loads I did. No kidding, I did, on average, 12 loads a week. That is 12 -15 hours a week sorting, washing, drying – drying again with a dryer that left things damp, folding and putting away. Cutting that time down seemed impossible. So when Best Buy asked me to receive and honestly report on the new Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair, I was excited to have a new laundry set, but would it do anything to help with the time and effort I spent on laundry during the week? Would these new, technologically advanced machines help me spend more time with my family and less time in the laundry room? The answer is a surprising and resounding YES!  In the 4 weeks or so that I have had these in my home, I have marked my tally sheet. I now do 4 loads a week. 4 Loads. I am not kidding, I am not exaggerating, I am not dummying down my numbers. In fact, I have a hard time truly filling 4 loads now.

From 12 Loads a Week to 4 with my Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair @BestBuy  @Samsungtweets  #masteryourhome  #ad

The washing and drying tubs on the Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair are H U G E! In fact, I have to stand on a step stool to reach the bottom of the massive basin in the washer. The stainless interior of the machines are free of the center agitator allowing for a more functional and roomy bowl. The first load of laundry I did on the Samsung washer was my queen sized comforter, my sheets and my padded mattress protector. In my old front loader machine, this would be three loads easily and the comforter would have not spun the first time. I did my entire bedding set, with a limited amount of detergent, in one load.

Now, I know. There are more to laundry sets than the amount of laundry you can put in them. After all, it makes no difference how much laundry you can do if the clothes don’t come out clean, smelling amazing and fluffy and soft! I have to say, I am so impressed with the performance of these machines and the difference that they make in my laundry chore that I can not share my excitement enough!

From 12 Loads a Week to 4 with my Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair @BestBuy  @Samsungtweets  #masteryourhome  #ad

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The details. The fun ‘extras’ that come with spending your hard earned money on an appliance that will be your companions for many, many years to come. There are so many amazing features on both the washer and dryer that I have not even had a chance to try them all out. But some I have used and used and used.

The washer has a soaking/ pre-soak sink built into it! Now, when my mom saw this feature she wanted to know what was so hard about using a sink in the bathroom, wringing it out and carrying it to the washer. My answer was two fold: I often forget that I am pre-soaking something and two, why not remove all the steps possible to get your laundry done in the most efficient manner? I, for one, LOVE the built in sink! With three kids who always have some sort of stain, this has been amazing!

From 12 Loads a Week to 4 with my Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair @BestBuy  @Samsungtweets  #masteryourhome  #ad

In fact, just last week my oldest brought me a homemade crayon holder that had black marker soaked into it. We put it in the basin in the machine, pushed the water burst button and let it soak. When I was ready to do a load of laundry, I lifted the lid with the basin and the contents spilled into the tub to wash with my other clothes. No wringing, no carrying across the floor with drips following and no forgetting it in the mass of other chores I have to do in a day.

The most awesome feature I have used with the dryer is the steam function. I have never had a dryer that can take in water, via a Y attachment Best Buy connected when they installed it, and steam clothing right in it. I have had to steam my kids clothing that they found crammed in the corner of their drawer that they want to wear. I put it in the dryer, hit the steam option and 15 – 20 minutes later, I have a dry, steamed piece of clothing that my kids can wear!

From 12 Loads a Week to 4 with my Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair @BestBuy  @Samsungtweets  #masteryourhome  #ad

Now, I know this is a long post on these appliances, but the truth is, this is the tip of the iceberg. The truth is, though, you want to know if the Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair is worth the money and the effort to replace your old ones. For these 3 simple reasons, I would go out and spend the money to purchase these without hesitation.

1) The loads of laundry I do are significantly less.

2) The machine is sturdy, beautiful and functional past a simple washing and drying machine.

3) The cost is directly offset by the ease of stress, work and time you spend on the most annoying chore most of us have in the house!

Learn more about the Samsung Activewash Laundry pair and all of the new line of Samsung appliances at Best Buy!

From 12 Loads a Week to 4 with my Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair @BestBuy  @Samsungtweets  #masteryourhome  #ad

MORE about the Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair:

    • Active Wash Washer
      • VRT technology reduces noise and vibration during washes, even in high-spin speeds.
      • Self Clean technology keeps the drum and gasket hygienically cleans by removing odor-causing bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals.
      • Large Capacity washer allows you to wash up to 3 laundry baskets of clothes in one load.
      • Steam Wash function helps remove tough grime & stains
      • Active Wash system includes a dedicated sink for hand-washing delicate items and pre-washing heavily soiled clothes.
      • Internal heater helps regulate the water temperature.
      • Aquajet forces out dirty water as clean water pours in to deliver a better wash.
    • Dryer
      • 15 drying cycles include refresh, heavy duty, steam sanitize, wrinkle away, perm press, delicates and bedding.
      • Reversible door gives you the option of installing the door to open left or right.
      • Moisture sensor to ensure that your clothes are dried to perfection.
      • Vent Sensor shuts down in the event of a clogged vent to prevent potential fires.
      • Steam Dry will help to keep your clothes refreshed.
      • Features 4 –way venting options and a moisture sensor for dryness control.
      • Estar qualification saves you up to 25% in annual energy costs.

From 12 Loads a Week to 4 with my Samsung Activewash Laundry Pair @BestBuy  @Samsungtweets  #masteryourhome  #ad