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Aside from a lunch that I pack every single item into and pray my kids will  eat, there are little options for preservative free, have no artificial colors and anything else artificial. As a busy mom who sometimes has to toss her kids a lunch kit and go – during the summer or school year – I sometimes concede and buy the ‘popular’ kits even though I don’t want to. But now, FINALLY, and thanks to two moms who turned the school nutrition discussion on it’s ear, we have Revolution Foods Meal Kits!

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Revolution Foods Meal Kits #sponsored

I walked into my local Safeway (Randall’s here in Houston) the other day on the hunt for something else I needed. As I walked towards the refrigerated aisle, I saw the vast array of the normal kits I get. The ones that my kids only eat one part of. The ones that I know I could make better if I would just find that extra time in the day to make homemade meal kits. Above them, something new popped out, though.


In a clean white box with a little color, I saw Revolution Foods meal kits and grabbed all three of the flavors they had on the shelf. Ham and Cheddar Meal Kit, Turkey and Cheddar Meal Kit, and the Cheese Pizza Meal Kit. I knew that my kids would love these and could not wait to get them home to see.

Revolution Foods Meal Kits #sponsored

Sure enough, my kids were hungry when they got home from Bible School and wanted something easy. My oldest wanted cheese pizza so I grabbed the kit to see what she thought. She looked it over and, being a nutrition novice, surprised me when she noticed that the kit had 10 grams of protein. She opened up the box and began to easily build her pizza in a matter of minutes. She put the mixed fruit treat aside for ‘dessert’ and spread the cheese all over her pizza.

Revolution Foods Meal Kits #sponsored

She took a bite and smiled. A sure sign that the pizza was good. As she ate, I read that she was getting 16 grams of fiber and even a serving of fruit in this kit. I knew when she was done that a new meal kit had been chosen as a favorite.

Over the next few days the kids tried the other kits and liked them just as much!

These kits are going to be awesome over the summer for road trips, camps and quick meals at home. When school starts again, they will be a perfect addition to any balanced school lunch!

Revolution Foods Meal Kits #sponsored

Check out the entire line at your local grocery store and then come back and tell me what your kids thought of them! I bet they won’t miss other meal kits out there!