Recycle Christmas Project Ideas

Recycled Christmas Project Ideas are a great way to reuse old Christmas stuff that you would have thrown away.  I’ve written this article to help inspire new ways to save items from the landfill and create “new to you” and beautiful projects along the way!  Here are just a few really good ideas I’ve found:

Recycled Christmas Tree Garland

Recycle and old Christmas tree into beautiful garland.  This project will blow your mind!  You know how many Christmas trees I see on the streets after Christmas.   You think that artificial tree just can’t take another year.  The stand broke or the branches broke.  Don’t through it away!!!  Make this beautiful Christmas Garland with the left over branches!!!!  How brilliant is that!!

We love the Santa Belt Wreath decoration!  There have been times I’ve want to trash our old garland but this would be a perfect way to recycle it!  When you continue wrapping it on a wreath it gives a fluffy and new look!  Perfect for recycling!

What about those old scratched up Christmas ornaments that you want to trash.  Don’t through them away!  You could easily repaint them or even cover up some scratches by making this cute Santa Belt ornament!  It’s made with a soda can top and tape!

Christmas tree made from aluminum soda cans:  Now this one is FUN!

Make a beautiful Coffee Filter Christmas tree.  I love how they used simple materials to create this elegant look!  I’m not sure I would have the patience to make it but I do love the look!!!

Make a beautiful Advent Calendar   I love how they took old sheets of paper or even book pages to make this look.  Twine, a bell and book paper creates this fun activity!  Love it!

We love this Christmas tree heart decorations made from simple twine and a cut out heart from old book pages!  I’m gonna get the kids to do this one with me this weekend!  I love projects like these!  Simple, fun but elegant at the same time!  Perfect!

If you like any of these ideas be sure to share them on Pinterest!!!

Recycle Christmas Project Ideas

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