Boxed up and ready to throw out, my old Christmas tree… very old Christmas tree… took up more space than I was willing to share.  It was time to spruce up my home for the holidays in a brand new way!  The steadily falling snow must have put me in the mood to add some Christmas cheer today, so I went out to the building and started pulling off the old branches for an overhaul.   This ended up being a family craft project that we all enjoyed!!

christmas tree

The first thing that I did was to cut out all of the lights (none of them worked anyway). This was the longest task of the process and scissors worked just fine to clip and unravel them.  ***HINT** You might want to work with all sizes of the tree so create a more cohesive look.  I did not know to do this and the top half of my decor is a bit more full than the bottom.

Next up, grab some green, black or clear thick tape to bind the limbs together about half way down on each one. Tape them in a couple places where the rods line up, being sure not to tape down the “green limbs.”  Just pull back the branches, tape and fluff the branches back over the tape to completely hide your adhesive.

Because the ends of the branches (that attached to the tree pole) are thick and basically immovable, I put plenty of tape around those areas to prevent scratching my walls, floor and little feet.

After you have the length that suits you best for your project, just pick out your decor and get busy!  I added lights (2 strands, ribbon and unbreakable bulbs)  These are all items that I had tucked away from clearance shelves the year before… see husband o’mine, I DID use them!

This project is super easy and a great way to upcycle that old artificial tree!

christmas tree

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