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Our Bedtime Routine Includes Inspiration from Rebel Girls

I have told my girls since the day they could understand me that their best adventures, their greatest inspirations and their biggest problems can all be solved by falling in love with books. The escape we need sometimes, the jolt of excitement that comes with a good story and the feeling that we are not alone can all be the result of sitting down with a great story. They believe me and have found what I have told them to be true. All three are avid readers with a thirst to read more! I think one of the ways I have been so successful is that we have always had reading time during our bedtime routine. The rule is: in bed by 8. If you read, you can stay up until 8:45. If not, lights out at 8:15. They always want to stay up later and reading accomplishes that. In fact, when they are reading Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls they don’t want to put the book down. So now the begging is, ‘Can I read 10 more minutes?’

Most of the time I say yes…

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls are bedtime stories with a purpose. The are the perfect way to share true stories about inspiring and real women that makes goodnight stories a lesson in empowerment. A while back we acquired the first book featuring 100 Tales of Extraordinary Women. It is read so much that it is a bit worn now and may have even fallen victim to some puppy chewing, but it is always on the night stand of one of my girls beds. With women like Grace Hopper, a computer scientist and Maria Reiche, an archaeologist featured, it is no wonder that my rebel girls love it so much.

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Our Bedtime Routine Includes Inspiration from Rebel Girls books
Now the second volume is in our home and being passed from night stand to night stand. Women like writer JK Rowling, Leymah Gbowee, a peace activist and even Sophia Ionescu, a neurosurgeon are part of the expansive list of women that have conquered the world in their own rebel way! Oprah and Ellen, Beyonce and Madonna are even included in Volume 2.

Our Bedtime Routine Includes Inspiration from Rebel Girls book that are fun

These books are easy and inspirational reading with a rebel woman featured every page along with her story. Where she is from, her birth date and a quote from her are also included. One of out all time favorite things to do it for me to sit in the hallway reading stories to my girls as they all listen intently from their beds. I find that I can get them to fall asleep with a slight smile as we read of woman after woman accomplishing things they never thought they could. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls infuses our bedtime routine with positive vibes’ so that I can be excited and look forward to being inspired with my children.

Our Bedtime Routine Includes Inspiration from Rebel Girls books for kids

Having a structured and well-rounded nighttime routine is so important. Rebel Girls gives me a positive activity to add to our nighttime routine that both the kids and I can look forward to. Especially if it is my night to read about Merritt Moore, a quantum physicist and ballerina or Johanna Nordblad, an ice diver who discovered her love of it after breaking her leg. Or Rachel Carlson, an environmentalist and author. Or… the list goes on and on.

I love that last page of each book offers my girls a chance to write their story and to draw a portrait of themselves as well. Because, as women, our stories are never over.

Dream bigger, aim higher and fight harder with Rebel Girls.

Have your girls discovered Rebel Girls yet?