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Kids need fuel to keep their childhood active. #TinyToastCereal #Kroger #ad

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Their Taste Buds Change

I don’t know what happens to kids when they hit the tween years. But aside from the seemingly endless emotional roller coaster, their taste buds seem to change as well! No longer can I appease my almost 10 year old with the same old breakfast. She wants flavor that is easy to eat and easy to carry as a snack. We all know that the cereals tweens normally like are full of sugar and artificial flavors. But now, on shelves at Kroger, is Tiny Toast Cereal in Strawberry and Blueberry flavors. With no artificial flavors & coloring, no high fructose corn syrup and only 9 grams of sugar, I can give her a breakfast, or snacking, choice that I can feel better about!

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Nothing Ever ‘Looks’ Good

Getting my oldest to eat at all is a challenge for me. She has just never been much of an eater, even as a toddler. She established her ‘snack style’ eating patterns then and they have stayed the course throughout her childhood. But the snacks she eats have to be somewhat decent in my opinion. They also have to be portable and appeal to her so she will eat something. I can not tell you how many times I have asked in the car on the way to an event if she has eaten and her answer was, ‘Nothing looked good!’

Tweens have picky eating habits so having good snacks on hand is a must. #TinyToastCereal #Kroger #ad

The first time she had Tiny Toast Cereal, she loved it. She actually looked as surprised as I was since cereal is not generally something she goes for. She loves the Blueberry flavor best but says the Strawberry is ‘pretty eatable, mom.’ That’s a thumbs up in tweenspeak, by the way!

How I Fuel Them

I want my kids to sleep well, eat well and to live the best life they possibly can. I don’t want exhausted pre-teen girls that can not enjoy the simple things in life. Plus, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am very active and they just have to keep up! So have a breakfast and snack option that allows her to not only thrive in whatever activity we have planned for the day, but that she will actually voluntarily reach for is a bonus!

In a day, kids burn so many calories. Keep them fuels with better for them options. #TinyToastCereal #Kroger #ad

Tiny Toast Cereal is super easy to find on Kroger shelves. Their bright boxes make them stand out and my eyed were drawn to them immediately. With the coupon you can save even more!

The box of Tiny Toast has fun information and games on the back. #TinyToastCereal #Kroger #ad

My Katie is my first tween but my Sarah is on her way. At 8, she is also starting to get really choosy about her meals, wanting more and more to make them herself. In fact, all of my kids are more snackers than meal kinds of kids. So having something in the house that I don’t have to make,  that can be grabbed and taken as they ride bikes, to the pool and even on the bus to school makes a huge difference to me!

Little toast shapes make this cereal bite sized and fun to eat! #TinyToastCereal #Kroger #ad

Plus, says Katie, ‘They just taste good, Mom!’

Find Tiny Toast on shelves at Kroger. #TinyToastCereal #Kroger #ad