Lately I have had some emails from people who are having a hard time finding things on  So I thought I would break it down so that you can get the most bang for your reading happiness here!


Comments make a blog go round.  I read and respond to every single one and it is how I get to know my readers, what you like and what you don’t.  Without comments, I am lost in the land of posting oblivion with no direction!  Nobody wants that.  Any comment that is not defaming, mean, horrid, full of bad language, etc. is welcome!

How to comment:

Under every blog post title is the person who wrote the post, the date and the comment section.  Simply Click Comments and you will be taken to the comment section!

we had an intruder


When you click this link, the comment form will appear!


Just enter your comment.  There may be a box that pops up that asks for your name and email and website, if you have one.  Just fill it out.  Eventually you won’t have to do this.  But it let’s me know how to contact you if I need to!

Any post that comes up is open to comments!  Let me know you like a Recent Motherhood Post, Freebies, Giveaway or other post that is presented!  I would love to get to know you and comments help me do that!


There are a lot of things going on daily on this blog.  Between me, the author and owner, Lori Pace, my Virtual Assistant, Beth M and my 4 real mom reviewers, posts are at lightening speed most days.  We post new things anywhere from 3 – 10 times a day!  That is a lot of things that you might be interested in that you might miss!

So, here are the basics:


On my left sidebar are ads, groups I belong to and Giveaways that are live and accepting entries.  Between my top two ads is the SEARCH box.  Simply enter whatever you are looking for and hit Submit.  If there is anything in my over 3500 posts, you will find it that way!


Pretty Simple, right?

Now, to find all of the content you want, whether it be my Travels (Movie premiers, etc),  you can use the Menu Bar at the top under my header!


Many of my Menu Options have drop down menus as well.  Inside each drop down you can find posts that match that category!  So on my Giveaways Tab you can find my current Twitter Parties, Sweepstakes and more!

Just scroll over the Menu Title and the options will appear!

Another way to find fun content that is in line with what you are searching for is to click the TAGS at the end of each post!



I try to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you need!


Many people get overwhelmed by giveaways.  I use several tools to run my giveaways and try to keep up with the easiest, fastest ways for you to enter them.  Finding them is easy.  You can go to the Giveaways tab on the menu bar, search the term Giveaway on my left sidebar or click the live ones on my left sidebar about half way down the page.


Once you click on a link, the giveaway will appear!  Just read the awesome review that is unique to my – or my mom reviewers opinion – and then enter.  Almost all of my Giveaways require a comment for entry and you can see how to do that above!  Otherwise, click away and enjoy!  My admin, Beth, draws and notifies winners and all winners have 48 hours to respond.  So use an email you check so that you don’t miss out on your win!

A lot of people say they don’t enter giveaways because they never win.  I can tell you that we use exclusively and I have had MANY repeat winners!  But you can’t win if you don’t enter!


If comments are the cupcakes of this blog, sharing is the icing.  And most of us know, the thicker the icing, the better the cupcake!  The way I get freebies, giveaways, told about special events, deals and products is by companies seeing my blog out there in the Social Media atmosphere.  I can not promote everywhere so I ask for your valuable time – it is only a click! – to help me get more opportunities to bring to you!


If you like or appreciate something I have done, please share it!  Every post has multiple sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Stumbled Upon and more!  Just hover over it and Click!


Sharing takes just a moment but my appreciation for your doing it is never ending!!


I get so many emails with readers saying they missed an opportunity because they did not see it on the blog!  I tell them to please Follow me on some or all of the Social Media Channels!  In my header are links to every thing – Including my DAILY EMAIL – that you will see me at any given time of any day!


I am always looking at ways to tell people about awesome stuff I find and by following me on Twitter, Liking me on Facebook, following my boards on Pinterest and so on, you can see what’s coming to you from me!  Miss less and talk to me too!  I LOVE people and chatting with you, literally, makes my day!


If you want to talk to me, I want to talk to you.  Whether you are a reader that wants to tell me you want to see more Motherhood posts or a company trying to get your high quality product out to my readers, or someone who needs a host for a Twitter/ Facebook/ Pinterest party or to run your Social Media campaign, I am always here!  ALWAYS!  Ask my mom… she says I need therapy!

You can contact me on any of my Social Media channels or through my CONTACT ME form atop my blog!  There is also a nice little photo of my on my sidebar that you can click to contact me as well!



I think that about covers it!  I am always here for questions, to read your comments and suggestions and more.  Just let me know what you like, don’t like or want to see more or less of!  I am all ears!

YOU are the reason I love to do what I do and your unwavering support is invaluable!  THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to visit my life and this site!