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There is never enough time in the day to do everything I want. Between work, kids, homework, meals, the never ending piles of laundry and anything else that comes up, I am all booked on my dance card for years to come. Despite this, I still want to settle down with a good book whether for me or my kids. I miss reading books to my kids who now can read to themselves. So on our summer road trips, I am catching up. With hours of driving ahead of me for the trips I am planning this summer, I can download and have them read to me and my girls from Audible.com the entire way! My plan is to download as many as I can using my Coupons.com Audible coupon codes onto my tablet. Then when the girls and I want to be read a book, like one of the 150,000 titles in every genre imaginable including Best Sellers, Classics and Self-development, etc., we can click it and listen, enchanting ourselves with the written word!

'Read' on Your Summer Road Trips with Audible.com

A while back I got my year long subscription to Audible.com and it has been so awesome! My kids can download so many books from characters they love, on science projects they are working on and more and listen whenever they want. But I really love diving into my books that I never seem to have time to read while I am doing laundry, mopping the floors or some other task that needs some entertainment.

In started with my FREE book when I signed up for the 30 day free trial last year! With 150K+ titles including new releases and best sellers, I had my hands full deciding what to ‘read’ first! I recently downloaded The Girl With All the Gifts which would have been over $30 to get on my own. But with my free membership and my annual payments, which are 50% off the first three months, I got it FREE!

'Read' on Your Summer Road Trips with Audible.com

Audible.com is a wonderful way to read the books you want to while doing something else. Whether is be a summer road trip, a pile of Mount St. Laundry or just a day at the pool with your tablet in your lap, there are always amazing books you and your kids can listen to at the click of a button!

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