I noticed today that my kids backpacks are starting to look worn, their lunchboxes are showing signs of use and the structured schedule we have during the school day is starting to get a little too flexible!   Homework is getting done on the weekends instead of nightly and I am forgetting to go through the backpacks everyday and sign papers like I did in the beginning of the year.

So, I gathered my kids and told them that we are getting back on track.  Going back to school for the end of the school year!  Reenergizing and finishing out the year with the same care and order that we started it with!


The first thing I did was reinforce the daily schedule by moving their chart to the most visible spot in the house.  With Wake Up time, Homework time and Bath time right in our faces, we are sure to be more strict about sticking to it.

Next I went through the kids backpacks.  After pulling out their old looking folders and miscellaneous clothing items – like gloves – that were crammed at the bottom, we turned them inside out and shook out the particles that mysteriously gather during the year.  I wiped out the bottom of the backpacks and put the essentials back in.

I made a note to find my customized stamps to reinforce the names on each girls folders, names that are faded and hard to read this far into the school year, and reorganized the papers in the folders so that there was some order again.  Homework on the left, take to school documents on the left.

After placing everything back in the backpacks we went through the pantry and discovered that during our day after day of packing lunches, snacks and such had been pushed to the back of the cabinet.  We pulled them forward, tossed out the old stuff and organized the cabinet so that packing lunch would again be easy.

We hung the backpacks back on the hooks by the door – not the couch, chair or floor – and checked the time on our chart!

With bedtime reinforced by the chart, the kids went to bed and I felt like I was ready to tackle the rest of the year!

Are your ready to finish the school year with a bang?  How are you reenergizing?

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