Sure, some mornings I get up and pull out the eggs and bacon and cook my girls up a nice, hot breakfast. And sometimes, I open a plastic bag, toss some cereal in it and we’re off to school, trying to beat the tardy bell.  That is just the way it goes!

But I do try, every morning, to get my kids up and serve them a good breakfast that fills them up and gets them ready for the day.  And when I can get a deal on their favorite things to have in the morning, it is stock up time!

Randall's Buy 4 Save $4 Deal #BreakfastSavings #cbias

Right now, Safeway affiliates – mine is Randall’s down here in Texas, y’all  – is having a screaming good sale on so many things.  Buy 2 get one free, 50% off and more.  But the deal that saves me the most money is their Buy 4 participating items, get $4 Off Sale!  Especially since there are SO MANY things that are part of this deal on shelves.

Like Kellogg’s cereal.  Any good, upstanding mother most likely has boxes of cereal in their cabinets.  From Cheerios for kids to snack on to good ole Frosted Flakes, I don’t know any child who has not found a box of cereal they do not love.  And my kids get their love of cereal from their mother.  Seriously, I could snack on Mini-Wheats all day long.

Check out my whole shop and participating items in my Google + Story Below:

Randall's Buy 4 Save $4 Deal #BreakfastSavings #cbias

When I looked at the circular online at, I found the deal on page 2.  Now, the ad only showed the cereal deal but I knew better.  Most stores that have a deal running on one item will most likely have the same thing throughout the store, regardless of the ad.

So I got my kids in the car and headed to Randall’s.  I needed cereal and I needed a really good deal!

I immediately found my number 1 breakfast item for me…. COFFEE!  There were three brands part of the Buy 4 and Save $4 deal:  Maxwell House, Yupon and Seattle’s Best.  I chose the Seattle’s Best because I knew I like the Medium strength and then headed to the cereal aisle.  Sure enough, most of the Kellogg’s cereals were part of the deal.  I bought three boxes – what we generally eat in a week – and was up to my 4 items needed to get the $4 back.  I love Kellogg’s cereals anyway and I love what they do to help our communities!

Randall's Buy 4, Get $4 Off Deal #BreakfastSavings #cbias

PLUS, right now, if you Pin, Tweet, watch the YouTube video or Facebook the Believe in the Power of Breakfast Campaign from Kellogg’s, they will donate one breakfast to a child who needs it!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!  Please take a moment guys.  Every child should have breakfast!

Back to the deal…. I was not done yet!  Another thing my kids love as they are head out to school, even if they have had a good breakfast, is fruit snacks!  Lucky for my, the Spongebob, Dora and Hello Kitty snacks we love were all part of the deal!  I was so excited!

Next I headed to the dairy department where I picked up the Silk Soy Milk and International Delight Coffee Creamers I love so much.

Randall's 4 and save $4 deal #BreakfastSavings #cbias

On my regular shopping list, I always have chocolate for chocolate milk, so I headed that way.  I could not resist the Easter Cookies along the way… I’ll pay for that one later, but was excited to see that Nestle’ Quick chocolate powder was part of the 4 get $4 deal!!  And with Wreck It Ralph on the container, I was even more excited!

I checked out and watched as the register took $8 off my order instantly!  I ended up saving $21.45 with no coupons just for taking advantage of in store deals.  And I did not have to buy things I never use.  There were my everyday items!  Mama likes that A LOT!

The next morning, I brewed my coffee….  take a moment to savor that moment…. and prepared a fast but easy breakfast of cereal and fruit for my kids.  Who says you can not have a great breakfast on those busy, everyday morning where we are all trying to juggle a ton?

Randall's Buy 4, Get $4 Off Deal #BreakfastSavings #cbias

Thanks to Randall’s and their awesome Buy 4 and get $4 Off Sale, I just got to do it for a little less with my #BreakfastSavings!  Head over to your Safeway stores and stock up with this great deal while you can through March!

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