Each of my daughters has their own little personality, their own peculiarities and their own unique ideas for how they want to do things. Most of the time I find them incredibly adorable. But sometimes – usually when I am running late or am distracted by work or chores – raising a particular daughter can be a challenge. I just want to scream ‘Just Do it’ and move on with life.

raising a particular daugther

My four year old is the one that causes me the most pause at the moment. You would think after my oldest’s ‘Everything has to be pink’ stage and my middle daughter’s ‘Everything – literally EVERYTHING – has to be purple’ phase that I would be well prepared for my little one and her ‘thing’.  But I never anticipated her particular- er – ness and it is driving me bananas!

Megan – my style icon; my princess in the making; my diva to no ends – will not wear a skirt or pants or shorts – or even undies – unless she sits criss-cross apple sauce first to make sure they are ‘comfert-ble mom!’ I’m not kidding. And her particular-ness goes even deeper.

If there is a tag out of place or she can not match the colors just so, the outfit gets ripped off and the drawers get emptied searching for the perfect outfit. Piles multiply and tantrums are thrown when she realizes that the perfect Hello Kitty skirt that is wonderfully comfortable to sit in, shows her style and makes her ‘pretty’ is still in the hamper to be washed.

It has become an issue.

Outfits that were wonderful on her sisters, clothing she – herself  – picked out, and other garments that are acceptable to any other child on the planet is deemed ‘unwearable’ by Megan.

So, we go around and around some morning. Putting things on, me waiting while she sits and crosses her legs and leans forward – to make sure it does not scratch her back when it moves – taking them off and trying on the next thing until she has satisfied her myriad of particulars. I have to say, it lost it’s entertainment value months ago.

I know people will say she will outgrow it and I will miss this one day but I am actually frightened of my wallet’s future. How much will I have to spend to get her a week’s worth of clothing that she is happy to put on and wear the first time? It seems to be an implausible dream as her particularities seem to multiply daily. We now have to have matching sunglasses.

Not kidding.

I suppose I will just up my laundry progression by a day or two to make sure she always has the perfect outfit. If she ends up wearing the same thing every single day of her life…. oh well!

What particularities does your child have? How do you deal with them?

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