My girls got something everyone seems to have this holiday season. A Rainbow Loom. I questioned Santa’s decision making skills since my oldest is 7 and it says it is for 8 and up. But, they were coming home telling me they wanted one, so I allowed Santa to deliver it under the tree.

how to make a rainbow loom bracelet with your hands

My daughter, Sarah (6), has been BEGGING to do it. So I sat down with her to try to figure it out. Though the loom works, it was a little hard for a 6 year old to stay consistent. Her 41 year old mother was not having much fun either. I turned on YouTube and found a ton of videos. Sarah watched and tried for an entire day and next morning and then she came to me and said, Mommy, I DID it! But with my fingers!

She then stated that she wanted to show other kids how easy it was with their fingers too. So, below is Sarah’s video on how to make a Rainbow Loom Bracelet with Your Hands by Sarah, age 6!

I do think that this is an awesome craft kit for kids. When they are younger, it seems using fingers is easier. But Sarah is watching YouTube videos to learn how to use the loom to make more bracelets. I am sure she will want to show you when she figures it out!

How do your kids like their Rainbow Loom? I’d love to hear!

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