Toilet paper is toilet paper. Unless it is not. Quilted Northers is more than just plain old toilet paper. It is a pampering, soft, new toilet paper technology having product that cleans and makes you feel confident! Just as a good lathering shower or soaking bubble bath with a really wonderful smelling soap, Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong provides the strength of cleanliness with the softness of feel! See more about this new product from a little one: Emily’s World!Quilted Northern Soft & Strong

Emily’s World features awesome facts about Quilted Northern and a coupon too! You can get the instant $0.25 off or stack the toy blocks to save even more!

I stacked and got $0.50 off before I broke the tissue! It’s pretty fun actually!

You can also get product information, get fun facts – like did you know people used to use the Sears Catalof to wipe before toilet paper??? – and see videos from Emily on how this product is above the rest!

I, for one, have used Quilted Northern in my home many times. It is affordable, safe for septic and soft and strong for me and my kids! I can restock all 4 bathrooms in this house without breaking the bank!

In addition to my pack of Quilted Northern, I received some body wash and body butter along with a great sponge. So, if you will excuse me, I am going to pamper myself with a complete bath and will have to talk to you later!

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