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Answering Questions About Dog Behavior: Why Does he Stand Right ON Me?

Mister One Eyed Jack has had a pretty busy summer so far. So have his siblings, Bud, Piper and Joy, as a matter of fact. I got a call about an abandoned mama beagle who had given birth to seven puppies just days after she was found and rescued. Three had been adopted after weaning but the rescuer needed four more to be taken care of, fixed and micro chipped, before they could go to their furrever homes. While I already have four dogs, three kids and two businesses to run, the rescue really had no other fosters available. So I said yes, after attempting to consult my pups, of course. They arrived two weeks ago and are four little mischievous boys that we have fallen in love with. As they grow, though, I love watching my dogs interact with them. Jack’s behavior has always fascinated me. Luckily, as a Just Right Dog, I get to ask experts like Purina expert, Dr.  Gerardo Pérez-Camargo.  MRCVS. PhD, Global Pet Welfare and Behavior Manager, about Jack’s behavior. Especially those that confuse me. Like standing ON me when he needs attention and how he always, always seems to know the bus is coming before I do. What Questions About Dog Behavior do you have?

Raising dogs is the most rewarding this I do aside from raising my daughters. Raising dogs that have special needs and would not normally be adoptable is my passion. All four of mine have their own stories from being dumped to being feral due to mistreatment and neglect. You know Jack’s story… abused to the point where he had to have his eye removed.

I adopted Jack the moment I saw him on the beagle rescue website and have made a promise to him to take the best care of him that I can. That includes feeding him the foods he needs to thrive. Just Right by Purina is a custom made food that I can tweak according to Jack’s needs. I order it online and it is delivered a few days later. I currently have him on a grain free formula made just for him that has salmon and nutrients he needs for his 2 year old pup energy level. Which he really needs now that four beagle puppies climb all over him all day.

Answering Questions About Dog Behavior: Why Does he Stand Right ON Me? and puppies

Since moving him to Just Right by Purina, it’s been about a year, I have seen nothing but a shiny coat, happy smiles boy who is always up for a walk and feeding time.

Answering Questions About Dog Behavior: Why Does he Stand Right ON Me? plus feed them well

Jack does have some residual issues from his puppy hood, however, that I am trying to help him with. He is terrified of loud noises often shaking and panting uncontrollable when is thunders, the yard guys are here or there are fireworks. I have a coat for him but watching him suffer bothers me so. While only time and love can help that behavior, I do love that Purina expert, Dr.  Gerardo Pérez-Camargo.  MRCVS. PhD. Global Pet Welfare and Behavior Manager answered some questions for me on his other behaviors. What Questions About Dog Behavior are you curious about?

1. Why does my dog stand directly ON me when he wants attention?

Answering Questions About Dog Behavior: Why Does he Stand Right ON Me? are things I want to know

A: Dogs love to get our attention and they will try different things until they figure out what works. We humans tend to be busy with our things and ignore the dog when it is calm and relaxed, which is actually when we should give our dog attention and praise. If the dog gets attention by behaving well, they will keep doing it. If the dog feels ignored when it behaves well, then the dog will try something else like standing on you.

2. How is it that my dogs always seem to know that exact time my kids get home from school? They wait before the car is even in sight!

Answering Questions About Dog Behavior: Why Does he Stand Right ON Me? and othe rquerys

A: Dogs have these incredible ability and studies have been conducted to try and identify how they do it. Dogs can tell the time of day by subtle changes such as the smell or light along the day. They are also great observers of human behavior and quickly associate our habits with what is going to happen next. On top of that, dogs can hear things we cannot.

Now that I understand Jack and my Questions About Dog Behavior a little better, I can be a better mom to him and to my other dogs. I am keeping my promise to take care of him no matter what and I think he knows that. His love for me and my three daughters is very evident!

Answering Questions About Dog Behavior: Why Does he Stand Right ON Me? and other answers

Check out Just Right by Purina for your dog and give them the detailed nutrition they deserve! I bet you will love it as much as I do!

What behaviors do your pets have that confuse you?