This post is written by Adelina from Home Maid Simple and sponsored by Thoughtfull Toys, Inc.

Remember back around Christmas I told you about these cool new cars you could drive with a finger? Modarri is back and offering fans of the coolest car around a subscription service – the Quarter Car Club!

Check out the Modarri Quarter Car Club on Kickstarter

For only $5/month, or about .25cents/day you’ll get a quarter of a car each month to add to your Modarri collection. It’s the best thing about these finger cars – the fact you can change up your car design with new parts, and you never have to buy a new car. The more cars you have though, the more the fun becomes in switching them up!

While the Kickstarter opened on July 7th, it reached it’s funding goal in just 2 hours! That just proves how fantastic these cars are. Thoughtfull Toys, Inc. wants all Modarri car lovers to have a chance to back the Quarter Car Club, and receive incentives, so the Kickstarter will continue to be backed until July 29th. That gives you 14 days to show your support.

Haven’t seen the Modarri cars before? Check out our experience with them and the DIY Chalk Race Track we made to test out their drivability.