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Cups, noses, sockets, dirt – these are all the things your kids will stick their fingers in. Everything you don’t want them to play with of course! What if I told you there was a new toy, that kids can play with that uses just their finger and thumb? The Modarri Race Cars are just that! I’ve personally had a ton of fun playing with these cars, and made a simple Chalk Race Track for even more fun!

DIY Chalk Race Track for Modarri Cars

When we got the Modarri Cars, I had so much fun jumping on the floor and playing with my little boy and husband with these cars. They’ve got real suspension, which I found to be the best part! Unlike your normal toy cars, the real suspension makes these cars easy and fun to drive around a figure 8 track. So of course I had to make a track for the kids to play on.
DIY Chalk Race Track for Modarri Cars

DIY Chalk Race Track


Foam Board

Vinyl Chalkboard liner affiliate link


Lay your foam board on a flat surface. Cover with the vinyl chalkboard liner. Using the chalk draw a figure 8 track. Voila! Easy DIY Chalk Race Track. With the Christmas shopping upon us, this would make a great gift to accompany the Modarri cars.

DIY Race Track for Modarri Cars

The kids had such a blast racing their Modarri Cars around the track. The little orange cones included in the packs added the perfect touch. They sat for a good hour racing, running into each other, and having a good old time.

DIY Chalk Race Track for Modarri Cars

Besides the real suspension the Modarri Cars have another cool feature – you can mix and match the parts. We got the Combo 3-pack, so we could try this out. Dad had a grand time taking apart the cars and then putting them back with colors he liked together. We did find you have to be a bit careful so you don’t pull off a piece that doesn’t actually come apart, but otherwise they were a lot of fun.
DIY Chalk Race Track for Modarri Cars

With our younger children, we decided to forgo letting them piece apart the cars. As they get older though, we will show them how cool that is. These are great for kids older then 6 years old!

Who will you give the Modarri Cars to this Christmas?