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Three kids, two dogs, a 30 year old house on an acre of land with 19 trees on the property and germs, germs everywhere are always a concern of mine. Add to that school, libraries, restaurants and any where else we might venture and there is always a chance to catch something that would end our summer fun quickly. I am one of those moms who uses hand sanitize after they wash their hands in a public bathroom. My favorite? Purell. My new favorite? NEW Purell Advanced!

Purell Advanced 30 Day Challenge #Purell30 #sponsored

When soap and water are not available, or when everyone and their pals have pushed the soap dispenser and faucets and you know it is not enough, Purell Advanced is here to kill the most germs compared to others. Purell Advanced kills 99.99% of the most common germs. The ones that cause an illness that rotates through my family for weeks on end!

I always have a pump by my kitchen sink as well. Anytime I cook – especially if I work with raw chicken – I like to have the double security of soap and water and sanitizer to make sure I am not passing something onto my kids plates! Seriously, I have gotten so much worse about germ killing since my kids started school! I am shocked at how much they are exposed to!

Purell Advanced is available in the pumps and in the individual sizes with Jelly Wraps!  You can get this advanced formula in stores and start stocking up for the school year too!

Purell Advanced 30 Day Challenge #Purell30 #sponsored

Purell Advanced is having an awesome 30 day sweepstakes right now too! From now until 9/14/2014, you can participate in fun challenges and enter to WIN a daily prize, a weekly prize and the grand prize!

The grand prizes are full of fin things like $100 gift cards and more and are worth $890! There will be 30 Grand Prize Winners! There will be 8 weekly prizes of $100 gift card and 63 daily prizes of Purell Pumps!

With so many ways to win, there is no reason not to enter!

Participating is fun and easy! Consider this a cheat sheet for fun summer activities with your kids that you can also WIN from submitting!  Things like decorating a bottle, sharing a kind note on Facebook, taking a picture of Purell at the store and more earn you entries and more chances at the spectacular prizes!

Purell Advanced 30 Day Challenge #Purell30 #sponsored

Get the kids involved and have a blast with this one! I have already printed off my 30 day challenge list and am getting to work! I want one of those prizes!

Please come back and share if and when you WIN at the Purell Advanced 30 Day Challenge!


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Purell Advanced 30 Day Challenge #Purell30 #sponsored

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