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This morning I had quite the scare. I woke up, checked my bank account and found what I thought was an errant charge. I immediately picked up the phone and, 30 minutes later, realized that I did make the charge and the company name was just odd. I was embarrassed, especially since I have posted to Facebook my woes and had to go back and tell them it was my error. But after reading the comments, I realized just how important it is to keep ALL of our information close to the vest. With hackers out in droves trying to get all of our personal information to use for their gain, we have to protect ourselves! My main vulnerability, I think, are passwords. I try to make them complicated. I try to make them hack proof, but I have a hard time remembering them sometimes and it drives me crazy! I promised myself that in 2017, I would keep myself more secure in my online life! Enter Keeper Security and their amazing service that helps me help myself be more secure! They can protect your passwords too!

Keeper Security protects your passwords effortlessly

Keeper Security simplifies and protects our digital lives by managing passwords and files in a secure and private vault allowing us to access and share this information anytime, anywhere and from any device. Read that again. They manage our passwords in a secure vault that we can get into. But only we can get into it!

Now, I know what you are thinking. “What if they have a security compromise? Then ALL of my information is at risk!? I thought that too. But when I read that Keeper Security offer complete privacy, meaning that only the user can access and decrypt their information, I felt better. Add to that that our information is safeguarded by best-in-class security and my online activity and security just got easier!

Protect your Passwords on an encrypted site

Using the service is super easy. I was up and running and entering everything from passwords to photos and files I want to keep secure as well. After all, part of being secure in 2017 means taking care of those precious photos too! We no longer print them all and add them to photo albums! So I would be devastated if pictures of the kids were lost. I love that I can upload the ones I want protected into a file on my Keeper Security account! With central management of all of my passwords, private files, photos and videos, I can feel more secure online while stopping the hunt for complicated passwords that I need!

You can download Keeper Security on any mobile device, computer or browser and access it instantly when you need it. I am not a tech-savvy person and I set it up in a matter of minutes! It has made my online activity easier, faster and more secure!

Setting up to protect your passwords is easy

In this day and age we all could be more vigilant about our information. If you live a lot of your life online, like I do, shopping, searching, posting to social media, you need a team behind you that can keep you safer!

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Protect your passwords, photos and files!

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