School will be starting in full swing soon and, like I did over the summer, I want to protect my kids from getting any illness if I can.  We made it through summer with only minor illnesses, thank goodness, and I would like to keep it that way!

A few weeks ago, I shared some great tips and ways to protect kids from an MRSA infections with SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel.  This easy to find product – on shelves at Walgreens – is a must-have for any mom’s first aid kit. Unlike topical antibiotic ointments, SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel provides a barrier to MRSA, an infection that spreads via skin-to-skin contact when playing sports like wrestling, football, baseball or rugby, or from hard surfaces in gyms and locker rooms. MRSA is a highly contagious staph bacteria that can infect skin, invade other parts of the body and is resistant to many antibiotics.

When I think of all of the germs that my kids will encounter during a typical day, I am glad that I have this product in my first aide kit!  From school buses to school restrooms to the cafeteria, the chance for an open wound to be exposed to some really nasty stuff is around every surface your kids encounter.

And it is more common than you would think!  According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, skin diseases accounted for 56 percent of all infectious diseases in competitive sports from 1922 through 20051!  

I, for one, do not want my kids in that statistic!  Check out these helpful tips on how to help kids protect themselves from harmful infections!

I think these are great tips that kids of all ages can learn to make a part of their day!  But to be safe, I’ll have the things on hand that will help treats and protect open sores that my kids may have!  Like applying SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel at the first signs of an open wound.  SAFESKIN* Kids Antibacterial Gel offers a long-lasting protective barrier on minor cuts, scrapes, wounds, burns and bug bites– up to 48 hours.

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Have you updated your summer first aide kit to include items needed throughout the school year?  Add SAFESKIN Kids products to your school supply list and be prepared when you need to be!

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1 National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Skin Disease in Athletics Fact Sheet, Accessed June 20, 2012)
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