You may already know from reading my Prep Post and my Party post that we had a wonderful Summer BBQ with our friends and neighbors.  It was a blast!  But it would not have been half as much fun if we were moving inside, slapping mosquitoes on our legs, or all carrying fly swatters around to protect our selves from irritating, Texas sized bugs!

Luckily, Cutter was on hand both before and during the party which made everyone happy and comfortable.

But you already know from my previous posts that we treated the outdoors first with the Cutter Backyard Fogger and Backyard Concentrate that we hooked up to our hose and protected 5,000 square feet with in one application.  And you know that my guest sprayed with Cutter Naturals and Cutter Dry.  Adding those things to the beautiful and stylish Citronella candle made this a pleasant day.

But what you may not now are the things my BBQ guests said as they used the products!

WOW! This smells really great!  Not at all like bug spray!”

I second that!  The light, citrus scent of Cutter Naturals is unexpectedly pleasant!  I did not feel like I was sitting in a pool of Deet when wearing it!

“This is not greasy at all!”

My neighbor was right! The Cutter Dry was, indeed, dry!  It sprays on lightly and does not feel greasy or drippy!

“Oh how incredibly stylish!  Do they have more styles?”

Yep – Cutter Citronella candles come in a variety of cute styles and colors.  Be sure to take the label off before you burn it.  But  it burns forever (we have used ours almost every weekend for a month and it still has candle left) and does no give off that strong smell that has turned me off of other candles in the past!

These are just a few things I heard at the party aside from, ‘Great Food!”

I really loved this experience and appreciate Cutter helping me share a product I have used for years with my friends and family!  If you are planning a summer BBQ, 4th of July party, birthday party or any other event then be sure to stock up on Cutter!  Not only will you have a bug free party, but you can relax knowing that the talk will be about the fun and food and not the insect bites!

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