I can be honest with you guys, right?

Sometimes I just feel tied to my computer!  Not because I am ‘oh so popular’ but because I fear, a little, that the information I send via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more from my mobile phone is just not as safe as it is on my laptop that is fully protected by my Trend Micro software.

And you can call me an old fuddy duddy but take a photo of my check and send it over my phone?  Yea… not so much feeling safe with that!

Well, luckily, Trend Micro is one step ahead of me and has reliable and dependable software to protect my cell phones too!

Happy Dance!

Now, anyone who knows me knows that my phone is attached but you may not have known my fears!  I currently read and check emails on my phone, but again, am fearful of conducting business.  So when Trend Micro asked me to download their Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android Package – a FREE download –  and use the AT&T Go Phones that they provided to test it out and use that phone ALL DAY to conduct business, I was a little – errr – antsy.

Well, a LOT antsy.

But I quickly got over it!

I downloaded, right from the App store the FREE Mobile for Android software.  It was fast and instantly started protecting my phone.  While I was there, I also took a minute and downloaded the Trend Micro Longevity Beta which is designed to help my Android Battery last longer and Trend Micro’s Back up and Restore Beta apps.  I chose my settings, opted to have the phones protected to the child level – let’s face it, Angry Birds will be played on these phones – and searched around a little getting to know the software.

I am amazed at everything I can do with this software!  From setting the phone to ‘Scream’ at me if I can not find it to using the ‘I lost my Android‘ feature to locate my phone should I lose it.  Or my kids do.  Which is more likely to happen.

So, I used the phone for a day – it was actually kind of fun!

The first thing I did was test to see if I could upload to YouTube right from the phone.  I have hesitated to do this in the past because I did now know if my previous devices were protected.  But since Trend Micro has proved itself time and time again on my computer, with password protection and more, I felt comfortable!

Here is the video of the next American Idol – turn it up, its a love song:

 Think I can quit the blog business now? NO?

I was truly impressed with the speed of this process and may just have to download my other super stars to be YouTube sensations too!

Some other tasks that I completed with the phone were:

– Posted to my Facebook Fan Page and personal page;

– Tweeted all day on twitter

– I even connected the USB cord from the phone and downloaded photos to create a Pinterest Board that shows the mess my kids made during the one hour I tried to finish this post.  Yea. Summer.

With the GO Phones and Trend Micro’s Mobile Security software, I even felt safe enough to deposit a check through my phone and I got the confirmation it deposited within just a few minutes!

Along with everything else I did, I used some of Trend Micro’s tips on how to surf safer on your mobile device!  Check them out!

Those are great tips, right?

If you have an Android phone, go to the App Market now and download Trend Micro’s Mobile Security Software Free!  Add the Longevity Beta App and the Back up and Restore Beta that can protect your videos and photos should you lose or damage the phone!  Take it from someone whose laptop just fell victim to an anxious 5 year old. You don’t want to lose photos!

I am loving this Trend Micro “Educational Experience” as I call it!  Check out my past post with more freebies and tips on how to protect you and your family with Trend Micro!

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**I am a Digital Joneses Blogger and my family and I will participate in a year long program designed byTrend Micro.  We will receive assets to take the challenges on.  My opinions and writings are 100% mine and can not be duplicated or copied without prior permission.  The assets received in exchange for our input will vary.  Assets received to date:  ASUS Zenbook computer; Security Software, 2 AT&T G Phones, Promotional Material, Gift Cards to purchase service.  Please see my Disclaimers Page for more information.**