Milk and cookies.  That is the after school snack staple I think that most of us grew up with.  I still do that today for my kids but not every day!  I like to give them variety when they get home from school!

Prepacked Cookies at Target #CBias

And though I love to make homemade cookies, the favorites in this house are still the prepackeged cookies I find on store shelves.  I buy at least a pack a week and they are doled out after school, after dinner or with friends on the weekends!  Cookies are just a fun sweet tooth snack to have.

I had a free morning today so I headed to one of my favorite retailers, Target, just to stroll around and check out all of the Halloween decorations that have been put up and to see what’s new in stores!  I love to do this some times – it gives me good inspiration  to do fun things!

Prepacked Cookies at Target #CBias

So, I tooled around checking out the $1 spot, the clothing section and all of the fun Halloween stuff.  And there is a TON!  Soon, though I had to get busy.  I am making a family favorite dinner tonight and needed to get my ingredients!

I headed to the awesome new grocery section in Target stores now and got my ingredients and then I went to the cookie and cracker aisle.  I knew I wanted Oreos – Double Stuff thank you – but I also wanted to see what else they had.  Not only for the kids but for me too!  Sometimes late at night, while working, I like to have a quick, yummy treat too!

Prepacked Cookies at Target #CBias

Originally, I was looking for the NEW Candy Corn Flavored Oreos that are advertised as only at Target, but my store did not have them and the person stocking the aisle did not know what they were.  I even checked the Halloween aisle and they had the Orange Cream ones but not the Candy Corn.  If you guys find those, let me know!

I digress!

I took some time to really look at the prepacked cookie aisle.  I am always so impressed with the new things that come out, like the healthier Kashi Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies and more.  I, of course, put my Double Stuff Oreos in my cart and then walked up and down, my mouth watering and my stomach growling at every step.  After grabbing some new ones to me – Pepperidge Farms Tahoe White Chocolate Macadamia – and my kids favorite quick snack cookies, the Animal Circus Iced Cookies, I picked up some other essentials and headed home.

Prepacked Cookies at Target #CBias

Check out my entire shop below:

And even though my kids won’t be home for about an hour, I went ahead and opened the packages and prepared the surprise plate of cookies for them to have when they get here!

Prepackaged cookies can be so fun and easy for busy families.  They are easy to grab, take with you and when you find one you like, you know it is going to be delicious every time!  Plus, they can be awesome bases for fun and easy crafts for your kids!  Just look at these awesome Witch Hats made with Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies that I found on Pinterest! I had to show you guys!  How FUN are these?

Prepacked Cookies at Target #CBias

What prepackaged cookies are your favorites?  Have you ever used them to do something else with like crafts and fun toppings or mix ins?  I am all ears as I sit here “taste testing” the cookies I bought!

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