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Best Pre Workout Drink We All Need in Our Fridge is TruMoo

It has been a great week for me at CrossFit this week. I hang my hat on the fact that after almost 20 months, I finally got my first ever, unassisted, from the floor, kipping pull-up! It is not the prettiest pull-up yet and I can only do one at a time, but I was ecstatic! It amazes me even more when I know that when I walked into my first box all those months ago I could not even do a sit-up without help. I still struggle with those as well, but I have made such strides it is not even funny! To say I am proud of myself is an understatement.

O M G!!! My first from the floor, unassisted pull up EVER!!!!! It took 20 months but I will take it!!! #Bam!! CrossFit Igneous

Posted by A Day in Motherhood on Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The other thing that CrossFit has taught me is how important nutrition is. Yes, it is true that I struggle. I now have a nutritionist that is helping me and I am starting to see the weight come off. It is a harsh lesson when you realize that you can not exercise your way out of a bad diet.

All of the ‘hardbodies’ at the box share their tips with me on nutrition and then my nutritionist weighs in as well. Everyone and their mother seems to drink a protein drinks before and after a workout. While I love my protein shake, my nutritionist is skeptical and would rather me get my pre workout drink and post work our recovery nutrients from real food. In fact, even Leslie Bonci, MPH,RDN,CSSD, the Owner, Active Eating Advice by Leslie and Author, Sport Nutrition for Coaches agrees that real foods like TruMoo provide a better pre workout drink option!

Best Pre Workout Drink We All Need in Our Fridge because it keeps me active

The beauty of CrossFit is the blend of intensity and strength – the challenge is that these workouts can deplete fluid and carbohydrate stores. So having TruMoo BEFORE a workout provides the fluid and carbohydrate to optimize strength, speed and stamina. Consider an 8-ounce glass of TruMoo 30-60 minutes PRE CrossFit part of your warmup. After a hard workout, TruMoo is a perfect recovery beverage and would be used in place of a sports drink, bar, trail mix, etc. Portioned, palatable.

Chocolate milk has been shown to be an awesome recovery drink as well. Many professional and Olympic athletes turn to it as a favorite go-to recovery option. It helps restore fluids lost during exercise and provides the ideal mix of carbs and protein to promote muscle protein synthesis.

Years ago I switched to TruMoo for my kids. I loved that it had no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup. My oldest daughter loves the TruMoo with Protein that you can get at any national retailer. When we are out and about, we grab the single serve bottles but when we are home we buy it by the gallon. Not only does it provide me with a great pre workout drink, but it helps my kids meet their nutritional needs as well!

Best Pre Workout Drink We All Need in Our Fridge and join our Twitter party too!

To say I am a CrossFit junkie is an understatement. Even though my body does not look like one of the athletes on the CrossFit games, I am actively working on it. Getting educated about the things I put in my body is goal number one. TruMoo plays a huge part in my getting real food that is beneficial to me! One of the great things about TruMoo is everything it DOESN’T include: No GMO Ingredients, No high fructose corn syrup, No artificial growth hormones, No artificial sweeteners, No artificial flavors or colors.

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It is time we get to the gym, get our nutrition in order and get healthier in our everyday lives. Have you tried TruMoo yet as your pre workout drink?