In the next few days,  I am going to be posting books by author’s who are emerging into the public forum.  These books are highly rated and I am excited about them all!  Be sure to check back over the next few days to see them all!


Check out this fun Children’s Book Series: Possum Squat: A Tall Southern Tale

Possum Squat

 Possum Squat is a series of children’s books set in the Deep South and comprised of whimsical, colorful, and lovable animal characters. A Tall Southern Tale is the first in the Possum Squat series. Instantly parents and young readers will fall in love with the stars of Possum Squat, Ralph and Mertyle Snookums, two fun-loving possums who are the center of life there. The antics of the Huckabee triplets and the magic and draw of the Zerkel brothers’ rollin’ store all come together along with the importance of community. The world of Possum Squat is full of the richness of the South’s flora and fauna. It is beautifully illustrated in a whimsical and fun-loving style. It’s a series everyone will want to read or have read to them over and over again.

Possum Squat

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