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Truth time guys. At 40ish, your time of the month becomes even more of a pain to deal with. Once predictable and reliable, children and age seemed to have angered mine. It now comes when it wants, stays as long as it wants and thinks that being a gift from mother nature gives it the right to wreak havoc on my monthly schedule. I’m not sure what happens at 40 but aside from the obvious side affects that seem to strengthen as you age, the timing is anyone’s guessing game as well. After several months in a row of being caught at a restaurant, out at a kid’s event or anywhere that is not home, I have decided that my little monthly surprise needs a travel bag of it’s own! I carry kid’s clothing, wipes and more in the car, why not prepare for my period popping up while I am on the go? Starting with U by Kotex® items, I am so grateful that I thought of the Pop Up Period Preparation Kit!

Outsmart Your Period with a Pop Up Period Preparation Kit #ConfidenceUDeserve ad

There is nothing worse than fishing in your purse for a quarter when your body decides to make it’s presence known, only to find one and realize that the restroom dispenser is really $.50 and broken. Or stopping with three kids on a road trip, getting them all out of their car seats and then having to run into an unsanitary restroom with a creepy guy watching from the corner of the store while your kids beg for candy. Or knowing, by counting and calculating and recalculating, that she should not arrive for another 5 days only to have her appear on the one night you feel amazing in your new white jeans!

My aim is to help women everywhere deal with the sudden onset of unpredictable periods! With the help of U by Kotex® and some other CVS products that I picked up while shopping, I have come up with necessities that we should have in the car for us or for that poor lady trying to get the quarter to turn in the store bathroom.

Outsmart Your Period with a Pop Up Period Preparation Kit #ConfidenceUDeserve ad

Start with the basics. Pads and tampons. I keep a variety in my container in the car for several reasons. The U by Kotex® Click® for when I need to go from compact to full-sized protection in one easy move. It it needed when you don’t have a purse but have a pocket! Discreet and easy to use, the protection is instant! U by Kotex® Sleek® for the pop up period that happens during the summer when you are at a water park and totally unprepared. It stays in place and is easy to grip when you need to. I also add U by Kotex® 3D Capture Core® With Xpress DRI. This one quickly draws in moisture and locks it away. Talk about emergency protection!

I also add U by Kotex® pads and panty liners just in case. You never know when you need a little extra protection!

Outsmart Your Period with a Pop Up Period Preparation Kit #ConfidenceUDeserve ad

Rounding out my box is baby wipes, for obvious reasons, an extra pair of underwear and some symptom easing pills that may be needed on the quick strike pop up period. Psst: Put the pair of undies in a plastic bag. Because, well, we all need to change sometimes and need a place for the other ones. All of my items fit nicely in a bag and in the back of my car for easy access.

Outsmart Your Period with a Pop Up Period Preparation Kit #ConfidenceUDeserve ad

It is time we got prepared to battle whatever our body and mother nature throws at us! What else would you add to the Pop Up Period Preparation Kit?