The cutest things arrived at my door last week!  The NEW Polly Pockets Hangout House Playset and the Polly Pocket Kitchen!  I had to actually hide the box to prevent my girls from ripping into it and my never finding all of the pieces again!

My girls have had Polly Pocket toys before but never a full scale playset!

I spent a few days discreetly checking out what was in the boxes!

The Playset is ADORABLE!  Complete with an elevator that goes up and down, the set boasts one Polly Pocket and her beloved cat, the bathroom set, a fridge and chair and even a television.  From fun features like flipping a wall to turn the house from day to night and suction cups on the toys so that they stick to the house, this playset has everything my kids need to play and imagine and have fun all day long!

After I secretly wished the toys were for me… what?  we moms do that!, I finally let my girls have them!  With the easy open back, the house was out and they were playing in no time!

As I unwrapped it more surprises showed themselves!  Literally, every single thing does stick to the house!  Even the plates and cups stick right to the table!  This is going to be fabulous for keeping the little toys with the big toy!

The Kitchen addition to the house is just as cool!  Inside is a floor that slides into notches already on the house and so it expands to fit the table, stove and another chair!  Plus there is another Polly Pocket doll with it so an other one of my daughters was thrilled!

I watched as all three – yes, I said ALL THREE of my girls played happily and quietly played with the house!  Between taking the dolls and pets swimming, having them go up and down on the elevator, having a birthday party for the kitten and having a slumber party with the pool that reverses to a bed, they played happily for so long, I actually got all of the laundry folded!

Yes, that is how I determine a successful toy.  What can I get done while they are playing?

I love love love this for my girls and have now been introduced to a world of toys that I thought would be too small for my kids to play with.  The suction cups make this a great toy for all three of my daughters and the fact that two of them are STILL playing with it almost daily just proves my point!

Pick up Polly Pockets Stick and Play playsets and houses at your local retailer!

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