I am in the depths of planning a summer vacation or two with my girls. So far, another family and I are planning a big trip right after school is out. But there is so much to consider! I am getting my girls opinions and doing some research! Here are some great tips that I have learned that might help you too!

Spending time alone with your daughter is an absolutely vital part of the parenting process that often gets missed. I think that we discover not only who our kids are, but who we are as parents when we sit down and talk with our kids. One wonderful way to do this is to schedule regular mini-vacations (or larger) with your daughter…just the two of you. This mother-daughter bonding time will be invaluable down the road.

Planning Your Next Mother Daughter Vacation

Here are some tips to get the most out of the mother daughter trips:

Choose destinations together – For a mother daughter vacation to really be special, you have to let it be a joint effort. Get her involved in the entire process from choosing where to go all the way down to booking the rooms. If your kid is involved, they will begin to own the trip in many ways.

Explore the options online – A computer can do wonders for a vacation and spending time with your daughter online finding the best things to do can be extra quality time. Why not spend time finding the best bargains and deals? You will come out cheaper and get to spend extra time together…all while getting more excited about the trip.

Stick to trips that keep you together naturally – Mother daughter trips can easily turn into mother daughter splits if you book a trip to…say….the beach. If you head to the beach, there is a better than average chance she will end up wanting to do things you have no interest in or vice versa. Try to find trips that will naturally have you doing things together. Spa trips, exploration trips, tours and various other things like that can be very rewarding and fun and done as a pair.

Try to stick with the good weather options – The last thing you want to happen is to have your mother daughter trip turn into a weekend in a hotel. This can have the complete opposite result you hoped for. Putting two women in one tiny room for three days is not a good thing generally speaking. For this reason, you should schedule your trips during good weather.

Explore both of your interests – Let your mind wander a bit and allow yourself to learn about her. She will share with you much more readily if you are willing to try to understand her. Understand her music, her style and her rhythm in life. If you can do this, you will have a girl ready to share the things that matter as well.

Mother daughter vacations are a wonderful way to get closer with your kid. The best part is, you can let the conversation flow naturally when you are on vacation. There are no day to day distractions forcing you to try to get information in a short period of time. You can simply talk and listen….

That is worth investing in for sure.

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