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Get ready to settle in with popcorn, your favorite aviation fans and your smiles because PLANES is soaring into your homes on Blu-Ray DVD!  Learn how the little crop duster that could did and relish in the history of the movie in bonus clips too!

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I am all over this movie. I saw it originally at our local drive in with my kids and loved the story, the heart and the reliable Disney high quality movie that became a MUST OWN in our home. So when I was one of the lucky 25 to interview the creators, and then to tour the ‘back hanger’, it was just amazing! Now, aside from letting my kids see my photos from my experience, I get to curl up with them and now watch this movie on high def Blu-Ray DVD!

Seeing a movie on Blu-Ray DVD and being able to have it to download on digital HD to play on your computer, tablets, phones and more can be invaluable for parents. Especially those traveling for the holiday season! I just flew coast to coast and there were some kids that would have been much happier – and quieter – watching Dusty soar to new heights rather than being strapped in with no other options. So, for that alone, this Disney classic is a must have in your Disney film portfolio.

Moms and Dads will be impressed with the amazing bonus clips as well! Check out the one below:

This story is a great one for kids. As they watch Dusty propel himself to dreams he never knew he could really achieve and we watch those around him realize theirs as well, kids root for the underdog and celebrate the hard work the journey takes. My girls -yes, all girls – love this movie for more than the pretty colors and typical Disney music, they love it because they see perseverance and hard work pay off. So when we sit down to do homework or some other task they are not thrilled with, I can tell them how Dusty had to practice and work hard for his goals and it helps them understand the process.

To add to the excitement – when the work is done, of course – I can also get my kids creative hats on with FREE PLANES activities like the ones below:

Download Soaring to New Heights Games & Activities
And, as I did during my trip to Disneytoons studios, you can learn how to draw Dusty on this DVD as well!

Be sure to get your cop of PLANES on DVD NOW!  The perfect stocking stuffer, it will be an awesome addition for the whole family!

Because I think everyone needs a little Dusty, I will be giving away a copy to you! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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