Today I picked Sarah up from preschool, strapped her into her car seat and handed her some water to drink while I strapped Megan into her car seat.  I hear the all familiar “Moooom” and instinctively know that she has spilled the water on her lap.

And we are late for Katie’s Valentine’s party… where I am the Homeroom Mom…

I rummage through Sarah’s backpack where I keep her extra clothes and find 3 shirts.  Thinking my husband took the pants out to wash while he was on Daddy duty this week, I tell Sarah to take off her pants and think quickly on how to dry them so that she does not continually whine about her legs being wet.  This has already started.

So, my picture of the day is how I dried my child’s pants in a car, while driving.

Note 1:  They were dry by the time we got to Katie’s school.

Note 2:  When I got home and pulled Sarah’s folder out of her back pack, out fell a clean, dry pair of pants.  Clearly they were crammed in after this incident by someone who thought my driving down the street with pants hanging over my vent was funny.

Note 3: If, after this post, someone invents a pant drying mechanism for the car and becomes a millionaire, I get 50%.