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Opening June 3, 2016, the Vintage location of Piada Italian Street Food will be a family favorite! ad

Born in 2010 in Ohio, the concept of Piada Italian Street Food is simple; Create delicious, high quality Italian Street food with fresh ingredients, a creative menu and an atmosphere that begs for return trips. I can say, after arriving half an hour before their newest Houston location’s soft opening at 10420 Louetta in Vintage by Vintage Park, that the goal has been achieved.

The special twist is that you can order from the specialties, seasonal menu or make your own! Something for everyone! ad

The girls and I spilled out of the car, ready to try out the latest location whose menu has had me salivating since I learned I would be visiting them a week before they open. I admit that I had never heard of them before despite this being their third Houston location.

Piada Italian Street Food offers fresh foods, a fun atmosphere and a great place to take the family! ad

I was greeted by Piada’s Community Marketing Coordinator, Jordan, and the girls and I entered the fun and festive atmosphere of Piada Italian Street Food with high expectations.  It did not fail to meet them. Even though the restaurant was empty when I got there, it being a week before opening, I could tell that this modern, yet warm space was one that the girls and I would visit again.

The atmosphere is fun and festive. It is easy to talk but also a place where you don't have to tell the kids to be quiet! ad

Jordan led us to the menu and then the helpful staff behind the counter, took our orders. I looked at the Steak Avocado Piada and had to have it. What is a Piada, you ask? (I had to too!). It is their signature wraps that are so delicious and easy to eat. I didn’t really know what to expect, but this is probably one of the best things I have ever eaten, and I don’t really care for tortillas wraps. But these wonderful, and unique, wraps are made with Italian thin crust dough that makes it a light and full of flavor wrap. In fact, I have never seen a wrap so stuffed with ingredients. It was truly amazing!

You HAVE to try the Piada. The Italian Thin crust bread makes this wrap a delicacy to anyone who tries it! ad

I also got to sample the Farmer’s Market Salad with fresh strawberries, chicken, corn, avocado, and oh so much more. With a light dressing and feta cheese topping it off, the creamy and savory salad is a new favorite of mine. But hurry in to get them because they, like the Steak Avocado Piada are seasonal and not always on the menu!

The food, atmosphere and service elevate the casual dining experience at Piada Italian Street Food. ad

That is one thing, I think, that sets Piada Italian Street Food apart from other restaurants. Not only does it have authentic Italian flavors and flair, but their menu changes according to the season. So while you can go in and use the made to order option to get whatever you want, the seasonal recipes from their chefs change and feature the foods of the season. I really like that as a mom who tends to visit places the kids like a lot over and over again, but is looking for different menu items to keep me interested!

Order a make your own or from the seasonal menu that changes to make the menu more interesting! ad

My girls absolutely loved it at Piada Italian Street Food and I probably have some of the pickiest kids out there. They do not like to try new things. But with the made to order pasta, salad and wraps menu for kids, the Garlic Dough… please tell me you will try these when you go!!… and the fun dip and eat Cannoli Chips that you dip into the chocolate chip cream, it was a must visit for this mom of three.

Piada Italian Street Food lets kids custom order which makes it a lot easier on mom! ad

The great thing about the new Vintage location opening down the road from Vintage Park June 3, 2016 is that I can take my kids to lunch and then shop not a block away, their tummies full and their mother happy!

Kids can order their own pasta, salads or Piada's just as they like them! ad

Mark your calendars for the Grand Opening of Piada Italian Street Food at the Vintage Location in Houston June 3, 2016. If you are not in Houston, visit one of their many locations nationwide!