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Make sure you feed a food as unique as they are with Purina Just Right Personalized Dog Food

Dogs and Halloween. Let’s be honest. Dogs are not big fans of scary ghosts and goblins ringing the doorbell over and over again while they are trying to take their evening naps. All four of my dogs will be in the house, no doubt barking like mad, while trick or treaters roam outside in search of candy! But just because they get a little nervous with all of the activity does not mean they we can not have a little fun with them too! There is just nothing cuter than dogs in costumes in my opinion! However, this year, One Eyed Jack has decided that he is not participating. Hence his #IDontDoHalloween costume. One thing he does participate in, however, and with a gusto, is meal time! With his own special blend from Just Right by Purina Personalized Dog Food, he gets the nutrition he needs without any of the tricks of scary ingredients that he doesn’t!

Personalized Dog Food is great for your individual dog!

Just as none of my four dogs personalities are the same, neither are their nutritional needs. While I can choose to feed them the same, I would rather have a special blend that is perfect for each dog and their needs! Jack is a very active two year old beagle. He needs nutrition that will help support his energy level and curiosity while still making sure he stays within his healthy weight range. I want him to have the best possible life and that all starts with what he eats. As I learned at the Purina #BetterwithPets Summit last week, proper nutrition can eliminate of 90% of illnesses. This goes for humans and dogs!

Purina Just Right Personalized Dog Food takes your dog's needs into consideration

Just as I make decisions to ensure Jack and his fur-siblings are safe for Halloween, I also want to make sure that the decision on what I put in their bowl twice a day is best for them too. I started feeding Jack Just Right dog food about 6 weeks ago. His special blend was easy to create on the JustRight.com website and it was delivered to my door at about the cost I was spending at the pet store for other foods.

Jack does not do Halloween but he does do personalized dog food

Pet owners are getting smarter and Purina Just Right knows that. We don’t like hidden tricks in our dog’s food ingredients. Purina understands that, because they want the same for their dogs too, and have worked hard to satisfy a dog’s nutritional need along with their human’s intelligence about what is real food and what isn’t. Salmon is the first ingredient in Jack’s Yummy Blend and I love that. Oat Meal and Ground Rice are also essential ingredients Jack needs to stay active and healthy!

Feed them a personalized dog food as unique as they are

This Halloween, make sure your pets are safe at home while the creative costumes roam the street in search of treats. Then order your dog’s own perfect food at JustRight.com and watch as they enjoy a food that is made to help your pet be the absolute best they can be. Both inside and out!

Purina Just Right gives you the personalized dog food your pet needs

When was the last time you checked out the Personalized Dog Food your best friend needs? How many dogs do you have that would love this?