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Period poverty is a real problem in the U.S. Nearly 1 in 5 girls have missed school because they can’t afford period protection. But it’s not just school they miss. It also means missing out on activities they love. And the side effects of missing out can be just as real. It is our job to support these girls and companies like Always and Walmart in their efforts to eliminate period poverty!

Period Poverty: It is Real and We Can End It!

My girls are growing up fast. Pretty soon I will have three that will be dealing with their monthly periods. People joke with me about the craziness of four women in this house all dealing with periods. But my main concern is making sure that my girls have quality products to protect them from embarrassing leaks. I have used Always, which I purchase at Walmart for years for myself so it will be a product that I pass down to my girls when the time comes. I am lucky; I can get pads for my girls when the time comes. But so many cannot in this country and it is a travesty that Period Poverty exists!

Period Poverty: It is Real and We Can End It! for every girl

It is a known fact by parents that at puberty, girls’ confidence plummets. Missing activities because of lack of access to period products only makes this drop in confidence worse. No one wants to see beautiful and strong girls miss out on friendships, sports, life events and more simply because she cannot afford a basic pad.

Period Poverty: It is Real and We Can End It! for her

You may be thinking that Period Poverty is not real but it is. Sadly, it is more widespread than you may think. You may be thinking that there is always a way for a young girl to get the pads she needs. But that is not always the case either. Imagine if you were already feeling the stress of a body changing and had to miss school and activities because the natural function of your body held you back and your family could do nothing to help you. Folded over toilet paper does not work, borrowing from friends is not realistic for as many as we women need during that week and the embarrassment can be emotionally devastating to admit you simply cannot afford protection.

Period Poverty: It is Real and We Can End It! on the move

Walmart and Always aim to help with their Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign.  It is all about helping girls stay confident. Previous campaigns have done that by encouraging girls to stay in sports and encouraging them to persevere through failure—both of which are key confidence boosters.

Period Poverty: It is Real and We Can End It! for her too

These activities help build her confidence and skills, and missing out can limit a girl’s potential and opportunities far beyond puberty. So, this year, their campaign is aimed at keeping her involved in the confidence-boosting activities she loves—by helping tackle period poverty.

As a mom to three girls, I understand the battle I am about to face with three daughters hitting puberty at about the same time. Watching the video above brought me to tears because I cannot imagine not having even the most basic supplies needed for being a girl. It is eye opening and I encourage everyone to share it! It is how we can help Always and Walmart end period poverty!

Period Poverty: It is Real and We Can End It for every girl

Do you have girls? Show them the video too to encourage them to help as well!

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