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Paying it Forward to a dog lover is as easy as a gift bag

This holiday season, my list is long. Kids, parents, friends, my children’s friends. It all adds up and takes time to shop, wrap and get together. But there are some very important recipients on my list that I never want to forget. My dogs! I know you all follow One Eyed Jack and his adventures on Instagram so you know the love I have for my pups. All rescues, I just have a special place in my heart for each of them. That is why I love the personalized dog food, Just Right by Purina. Jack’s Yummy Blend gives him everything he needs in one formula that is designed especially for him! All I had to do was go to the website, enter the information about Jack, his needs, his activity level and his coat, and Just Right by Purina made his food and shipped it to me in no time!

Jack loves hi Just Right by Purina and it is a great gift to pay it forward to a pet loving person

Jack has been enjoying his blend now for a while and he loves it. Everyone I tell about it is thrilled to learn that they can have the same thing for their dog, but specifically formulated for their needs! IN fact, when I was thinking of Christmas gifts for everyone I love this year, I did put on my list pet lovers that I know would appreciate Just Right by Purina for their pets!

Give the pet lover in your life a gift to pay it forward

Purina surprised me, Jack, Piper, Bud and little Joy this year though, by sending gift bags for my dogs and one for me to give away. Stuffed full of great Purina treats, toys and so much more, I had to think long and hard about who I wanted to pay it forward to.

I got a Pay it Forward gift bag too!

My pay it forward gift that my neighbors mom loved

I finally found the perfect recipient! My neighbor’s elderly mother who lives in an apartment behind her house with her beloved dog and her new kitten that my neighbor found at work. With limited mobility it can be hard for her mom to be out and about walking the dog. Since Barbara, my neighbor, is a HUGE advocate of rescuing dogs. Once a pup mom of 5,  learned that she got her love of animals from her mom. When her mom moved in last year, she had multiple dogs. Unfortunately, one went over the rainbow bridge not long ago, but her love for animals certainly has been passed down.

My neighbor loves her pat it forward gift bag

I could not think of a more deserving person for the generous Purina gift bag! I was honored to be able to Pay it Forward to a woman who loved animals but also passed down to her daughter and granddaughters the importance of loving and caring for those animals who can not care for themselves!

My neighbors cat, Kitkat, loves her pay it forward gift

So, off I went across the cul-de-sac, gift bag in hand. I saw her kitten, KitKat, has now grown almost into a full grown cat and her pup, KatyAnne,  laying sweetly in her lap. While there, we invited Maya over, who is a pit bull mix rescue Barbara’s daughter found and Barbara took in. All of the pets wagged their tails and were interested in the items in the bag! The treats were a HUGE hit with the dogs!

Maya wants a treat from her pay it forward gift bag

I loved being able to do a little something for a lady who has exhibited and passed on such kindness to animals in her family! I am pretty sure that her dog and kitty were thrilled too!

My neighbor's moms dog loved her pay it forward gift bag

Giving a gift does not have to be hard. Getting something for someone’s pets can be just as personal as getting something for them. Even if it is a bag of treats or a fun toy. Just the gesture makes the holidays so much better!

Pay it forward to pet lovers this holiday season

If you really want to gift something amazing to a pet lover, order Just Right by Purina for their dog and watch as the pet gets the perfect blend for their needs!

Which person in your life deserves a Pay it Forward gift for their dog? I want to hear why!