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Head to Big Lots for tips on How to Dress up Your Patio Furniture for Spring

It’s rainy and dreary in Houston and has been off and on for about a week. This is one of our ‘seasons’. When this part of the weather moves, the sun will come out and the need to be outside, soaking up the hot Texas rays will be upon us. I was standing outside the other day looking at my sad and tired sitting area on my patio. It needed a spruce up. But I also had a budget and could not go too crazy. So I headed to Big Lots, where I knew I could get amazing springtime color and creative pieces without busting my budget! See my Patio Refresh For Under $100 Challenge from Big Lots!!

See Big Lots weekly ad and How to Dress up Your Outdoor Furniture for Spring

Add a little color is a tip for How to Dress up Your Patio Furniture for Spring

Walking into Big Lots is always an adventure. You never know what you are going to find to enhance your home without draining your wallet. I found couches, which I need, chairs, tables, decor and so much more that would all be beautiful in my home. But when I spotted my dream Gazebo, my cart turned to the outdoor area. While the Gazebo is out of my budget at the moment, I do have a plan to get one sometime this year. When you live on an acre, you want to have as many beautiful seating areas as possible.

Add a gazebo to create an patio furniture area

I walked up and down the aisles, thrilled with the fun patterns and colorful selection of cushions, pillows, outdoor tables and rugs. I knew I already had a rug from Big Lots that I purchased last year so I really needed to work on adding some color to my drab area.

Tip 1: Add some color to your patio

Pick a color piece to shape the patio and spruce up your patio furniture

My furniture is in decent shape so it does not need replacing yet. But the blue that was once vibrant has faded a little over the years. So I want to add that pop of color back in! I found a beautiful, decorative pillow that I used as my color pallet!

Tip 2: Choose hues of the color to create depth to liven up your outdoor sitting area

Add hues of color from your main piece to spruce up your patio furniture

I took the pillow and matched hues of it to other pillows for my long outdoor couch and for the table and lantern I fell in love with. I chose a cream colored table to tone down the blues and then added a bright and beautiful LED lantern to tie it all together.

Tip 3: Get Creative With Your Outdoor Decorating and Add some personality

Add some personality to your patio furniture

I have 3 daughters and 4 dogs, including the internet popular One Eyed Jackwho approves of the new style, by the way. So when I stumbled upon a beautiful statue of a little girl with a puppy at her feet and kittens in her basket, I had to add that to my patio. It ties in my family dynamic and adds an elegance to a casual area that I love.

One Eyed Jack adds some character to my patio furniture

Tip 4: Now Sit Back In Your Newly Decorated Patio Refresh and Relax

No matter what you choose, you can always add more with great deals at Big Lots. So you can relax knowing that you are getting that relaxing outdoor area you love without the cost that will stress you out!

What tips would you add to get a Patio Refresh For Under $100 Challenge from Big Lots? Check out BigLots.com for their latest and greatest sale, and get everything shipped right to your front door!