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Am I Able to Parent Through the Teen Years?

How you would stare at me, hoping I had the answers for why your favorite toy was not in your lap. How you would grab my phone and want to look at all of the photos of your mom and the dogs. How you would watch your sisters and want to be like them, growing up too fast. How you would run up to kids at preschool and immediately want to be their friends, playing in the dirt and smiling all the way!


Am I Able to Parent Through the Teen Years? Sarah

How you look to me to solve problems you have with friends or homework, expecting me to have all of the answers. How you always have your phone on you, are always snapping photos and videos of friends, editing them until you laugh out loud. How you look up to your sisters but don’t want to admit it. How you cherish the friendships you have had since kindergarten, always making sure you are there for them, no matter what situation they are dealing with.

My little girl is growing up and I have to grow with her too. Just as this video shows, we all could use a little help raising our teens.

See this article from Dr. Ken Ginsburg at the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is a new, valuable resource for every parent navigating the teen years. I love that it lets me sit down and remember the sweet babyhood times that I cherish so much while also showing me how my teen girl is emulating some of the same qualities now.

As a mom of teens, I love that there is this new resource to help us all parent our teens though it all!

Can you look back at your teens childhood and see how your favorite memories play out in their lives now?