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Plan Your Day with Less Stress and More Focus with Panda Planner

My planner is my life. It sits next to me on my desk, ready to be scribbled on in a moment’s notice, holding my day on it’s messy pages, daring me not to complete my tasks. Everything goes into my planner; my work assignments and due dates, the kids school schedule, the kid’s activities, my activities, the dog’s activities, deadlines I have to meet and so on. At the beginning of the year, my planner is nice and neat and ready for a fresh start. By the end, however, it is a wrangled mess of different colors, sloppy notes and indicative of the stress in my life. Some days I don’t even want to look at it. It just reminds me of what I have to do and how much time I don’t have to finish it all. Enter Panda Planner. This top selling planner on Amazon was built by a man who needed structure and to cut through the mess in order to meet his goals.  Check out their latest commercial below to see why they are different!

Be Happier and More Productive

We believe people are meant to be happy and productive. That’s why we made a planner that makes it easier to be both. Get your Panda today: rebrand.ly/PandaPlanner ..#pandaplanner #productivity #happiness

Posted by Panda Planner on Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Panda Planner is specifically designed to make you happier and more productive. The sections of the pages were specifically designed to keep us on track and to help us achieve all of our goals. Micheal Leip, the create of Panda Planner, built this concept out of necessity in his own life.

Plan Your Day with Less Stress and More Focus with Panda Planner and get your day going

Dealing with Lyme disease, a traumatic brain injury and cancer, his plate was certainly fuller than any I have had. He wanted to be able to focus on the goals he was trying to acheive and to cut through all of the other crap that bogs us down in our daily lives.

Because of that, you will see sections on the pages that will help all of us stay on task.

Plan Your Day with Less Stress and More Focus with Panda Planner and their unique pages

On the Daily Calendar pages you will see your Daily Review, a section that allows you to reflect on the awesome things that are going on in your life. There is a section for priorities where you can list 2-3 that you have every day that have to be done. You even have a task list where you can list what is due and mark them off as they get done. I will love this section as my task list now consists of making a list on top of another list which was already a previous list.

Yes, I need this planner.

Plan Your Day with Less Stress and More Focus with Panda Planner and work better

To round out the daily page, there is a section for your end of day review. This is where you can reflect on what you did right and what you could improve on for the next day.

There is a weekly and monthly page as well with the same types of sections. There is a section to write down that exercise we all need to stay fit and focused, an area to write down daily, weekly and monthly goals and so much more.

Plan Your Day with Less Stress and More Focus with Panda Planner and keep it all together

As a busy single mom whose day, weeks and months can change in an instant, I need this planner more than I ever thought I would. Having a schedule is one thing but having a purpose is another. This planner will help us all focus on what matters and to squash the crap that holds us back!

What planner are you loving? Give Panda Planner a try and see how it can help all of us stay on task!