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One day my girls are going to be all grown up. They will have careers and families of their own and I will be the mom who drives or flies to them any time I can. I will miss them but, also, I will be proud of them. Bottling this time in their lives, when they are all little and we are all together is hard to do. Sure, I have this blog and we all know things live forever on the internet. But what else? What else can I do to ensure that they know how important they are to me?

Pampers Thanks, Baby #DDDivas #ThanksBaby #sponsored

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My children have taught me more about life, love, dreams and hope than I ever could teach them. So my letter is more of a thank you note. One that is heartfelt and will change as days go by.

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To my daughters,

Every day I thank the Lord above for you. Your smiles, your tears, you joys, your frustrations. I thank him for your health, your kindness, your beauty and your innocence. But most of all, I thank him for the lessons you teach me.

Katie… you are my oldest. The first to show me that when a child is born, so is a mother. The first to teach me that it is OK to let you learn to walk… let you go to school… let you grow as you should. You were the first to teach me that just because time is passing way too fast, the memories are forever of my baby. My first born. My first lesson that life is full of love and hope and happiness. Even when the clouds hover overhead. My love, my daughter.. you were the first to change my heart from something that is mine to something I willingly give away.

Pampers Thanks, Baby #DDDivas #ThanksBaby #sponsored

Sarah… with your birth came my lesson that hearts only expand and arms can hold more than before. You are the epitome of sweetness, kindness and light. You have taught me that it is OK to nurse a child to sleep, simply to hold her hand. The one that taught me to let go of what others thought and mother like I naturally could. You have shown me that a second daughter is what I wanted all along. Your ready and radiant smile reminds me that happiness is always a hug away. Your sweet and caring nature teaches me to allow mine to come through even when I don’t want it to. You, my love, were the first to teach me that I am more important than I ever believe I am. Because I have you to raise. And that is a true privilege.

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To my Squish, my Megan, my little one. You may think that by the time you came along a few years and some months after Katie, that mommy had nothing else to learn from her children. But the day you were born I learned that my heart, my love and my desire to be your mother was just as amazing and strong as the day your sisters were born. You taught me that I could do more than I ever thought possible. I could raise a third daughter with as much patience, love and passion as I always hoped I would have. You showed me my courage, my sweet girl, to be an equal mom to all of my girls. One day, you might look at the photo album and think you have less photos. You may think that I put more emphasis on your sisters and less on you. It is a natural way of thinking. But know that you… and only you, my sweet baby, taught me that I am so much better at handling the things God gave me than I thought I could be.

Pampers Thanks, Baby #DDDivas #ThanksBaby #sponsored

Writing letters to children bring tears and joy at the same time. But they are so emotionally dazzling that just the act of doing them can renew your strength in the amazing journey of your motherhood.

Pampers believes all kids need thanks for all the things they teach their moms. They also believe that no kid should ever go without what they need, no matter what. And we all know that no matter how much you love your child, hard times can come. We may all have a time when we need Feeding America. Be sure to watch the video above and know you donated 1 diaper to kids who needs them.



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