I know I have a lot of readers with teenagers! And I am sure some of them fight the frustrations of bad skin! So, I am giving those readers – and some adults who may have acne too – a chance to WIN an OXY® Clinical Acne Solutions Pack!

A Little Info on OXY

When it comes to acne, it can be hard to break the break-out cycle.  You buy a pimple product, your child starts using it, but it seems that as soon as you tell them their skin is looking great, the acne comes right back out of nowhere.  It’s even more frustrating when you buy product upon product to try and every “solution” seems to overpromise and under deliver.

Fortunately, OXY® acne solutions wants to help you break this cycle. For more than 30 years, OXY has been committed to helping fight the war on acne. (You don’t stay in business this long unless you’re pretty good at what you do.) Through the years, we’ve worked hard to provide acne treatments that are as affordable as they are effective. That’s made us the go-to brand for teens (and their parents) who want clear, healthy skin. And we’re proud to say that OXY products are backed by careful research and strong science…. and you can find it at stores nationwide or online for affordable prices.

If you and your teen are ready to make the commitment to clear skin, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to try the OXY Clinical Acne Solutions Pack, which gives clinical results without the prescription:

· Data shows OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment kills acne bacteria as fast as a leading topical prescription acne medication, and is proven to eliminate 99% of acne bacteria in just 8 hours

· OXY Clinical Advanced Face Wash means 25 times more medication remains on the skin to fight acne longer

· OXY Clinical Hydrating Therapy is a 3-in-1 formula that hydrates, exfoliates and controls oil

We also want to give you a few tips that will help you make this commitment to break the break-out cycle successful:

· Give it time. There’s no doubt that you can see fast improvement with OXY skin care products, but they work best when used over time.

· Stick with it. Many people wrongly believe that a product worked for them “at first” but then “stopped working.” Frequently this occurs because once blemishes start to clear up, people aren’t as diligent about maintaining their skin care routines. OXY has products designed to treat, heal and help prevent acne. So you can use them to fight breakouts and to maintain clear skin too.

· Make your skin care a priority. Too often we are too busy to take time for ourselves. We forget to wash our faces before going to bed. Or we skip a treatment because we’re rushing out the door. Make the commitment and find the time to stick to a simple skin care routine. Our skin is worth the effort.

For more info, visit:

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