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My fear of owning a trampoline has been absolved with Springfree Trampolines

I am not going to lie. I swore up and down and all around that I would never, ever, like… EVER… have a trampoline for my kids. Not because I do not believe in good exercise and fun for my kids but because I had two scary, trampoline related, injury stories under my belt. The first was an accident with a childhood friend who landed face first in the springs of her trampoline. The second was my cousin who broke his leg in three places jumping on his. That plus my mom’s constant reminder that trampolines are the ‘#1 source of ER visits, Lori!’ and I was not even going to get close to thinking I could own one. Then along came Springfree Trampoline. Proven to have engineered a super high quality, exciting and entertaining trampoline that is specifically designed to reduce 90% of trampoline accidents. When I was approached to get one and to try out the features, including the tgoma Digital Gaming System, it was really hard to turn down. Now that I have it, I feel completely confident that this is not only the best option in trampolines on the market, but that I can let my kids jump freely knowing that a lot of safety engineering went into it!

Springfree Trampolines make safety first and is why I don't fear owning a trampoline

The story about my childhood friend who fell on the springs is from about 30 years ago. Obviously, now, there are spring pads that can help prevent the same incident. But I love that Springfree is, literally, spring FREE! They use a pattern of tubes and engineering marvel to make these trampolines just as bouncy, just as fun and much safer with no springs anywhere! They have also engineered it so the frame can not be accidentally bounced on, possible causing a foot injury, and have created an enclosure net so secure that I can bounce against it and it pushes me back in.

Owning a trampoline has been good for my kids

As far as the other story, well… my cousin was playing with dish soap and water balloons on the trampoline when he broke his leg. Kind of a user error and the point of never, ever jumping when the trampoline surface is wet has been driven home on my kids numerous times.

All three kids love the Springfree Trampoline and it's safety features make owning a trampoline easier

But here is the thing I never knew with a trampoline in the yard. The kids are on it ALL THE TIME! Add the amazing and innovative tgoma Gaming System and my girls can jump and play for hours without getting bored! I mean, HOURS!

The tgoma Digital Gaming System makes owning a trampoline fun

The tgoma Digital Gaming System makes owning a trampoline interactive

I am truly amazed that the girls get off the bus, hurry through their homework without my asking, and finish up just so they can go jump on the trampoline. This week, during the Thanksgiving holidays, if I can not find them, they are out challenging each other to beat the last score on the games on the tgoma Digital Gaming System! In fact, they have even set up little chairs to watch each other jump! It is truly amazing!

The kids can play games on the tgoma Digital Gaming Syatem and make owning a trampoline fun

I have never had a yard ‘toy’, if you will, that has garnered so much attention from my kids! They have swings, slides, a basketball hoop in the driveway and they still prefer the Springfree Trampoline over anything else!

Owning a trampoline is interactive with tgoma Digital Gaming System

As a mom who wants her kids to be outside, enjoying the fall weather, and not inside glued to a TV screen, this is perfect. The get plenty of exercise (and so do I when I do the workouts on the tgoma Digital Gaming System), they are outside where kids should be and I feel confident that they are on the safest trampoline out there!

Owning a trampoline has led to hours of fun!

Be sure to come visit me at the Springfree Trampoline Store in Katy December 3 to try one out for yourself. And, Houston, don’t miss out on the Black Friday deals going on now for Springfree Trampolines!

Get your kids active by owning a trampoline from Springfree Trampolines