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Not a single drop of now hit our ground this winter. No ice storms, no days on end off of school. It was gray and icky and cold, then not so cold, then cold again. South Texas winter’s are like that. We don’t do cold and icky well but we knock it out of the park when it comes to springtime! So at the first peek of sunshine, which sadly came after Spring Break, I gathered my kids and headed to the stores. A mandatory stop at OshKosh was on the schedule as they always have the best deal, best clothes and the brightest fashions for springtime play!

Let Them Play with Springtime Fashion and OshKosh #ImagineSpring  #IC  #ad

Kids are kids and should be kids. I probably shelter my kids more than I need to. But I want them to soak up their childhood for as long as possible. As a mom, then I think of special moments in their childhood, I often first conjure up the memory with what they were wearing! Clothing is more than just something to throw on and go out and play in. It is a permanent mark in the memory of childhood. So taking the kids to OshKosh and taking advantage of their awesome sales and durable, classic American clothing was a a must do!

Let Them Play with Springtime Fashion and OshKosh #ImagineSpring  #IC  #ad

In my ‘baby clothes’ memory box for each child, I have at least one OshKosh denim jumper. They are known for their amazing denim, after all. But on this trip, we were on the hunt for play clothes that might actually make it through the spring!

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I found the cutest print tops, awesome knit shorts, cute summer dresses and more! The kids and I loaded up! Even my 8 year old who is ‘too cool for anything’ found some amazing things that would suit her tomboy lifestyle!

Let Them Play with Springtime Fashion and OshKosh #ImagineSpring  #IC  #ad

The day we outgrow OshKosh will be a sad one. They have marked my children’s childhood and been so durable and in style that I have even been able to hand them down with confidence!

Head over to your nearest OshKosh and take advantage of the in-store sales, the ability to see everything front and center and the smiles on your kids faces as you dress them perfectly for springtime play!

Let Them Play with Springtime Fashion and OshKosh #ImagineSpring  #IC  #ad

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