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Easy Oral Care Tips for Kids includes the right products

‘But I did brush my teeth! I promise!’ 

I heard it every day. But when I went to the bathroom I would see that the toothbrush was dry and the toothpaste was simply squeezed onto the counter, I knew better. As a mom, we want our kids to make good choices early so that they follow them through life. I want them to escape the pain of cavities, the embarrassment of bad breath and the struggle with yellowing teeth. I have prodded, begged, pleaded and even stood and brushed my kid’s teeth for them, but I had to get creative. With three daughter’s dental care to worry about, I need them to brush, floss and use TheraBreath for Kids Oral Rinse for total mouth care. I know that with good, reliable products, some imagination and consistency, I can get it done! It took some work, but here are some Easy Oral Care Tips  for Kids That Can Make it Fun!

Electric Tooth Brushes with Apps are Winners

Easy Oral Care Tips for Kids includes rinse that works

It takes a willingness to spend a little up front to get the results you want, but the electric toothbrushes that are tied to apps are the best! My kids have one each plus the replacement heads. The app is on my phone and tracks their brushing and their productivity while brushing. They can earn rewards and play games and make it fun. The app sings to them while they are brushing, times the brushing and helps give them tips for good oral care! I love it and so do the kids!

Use New TheraBreath for Kids Oral Rinse

Easy Oral Care Tips for Kids and buy one get one free

I have bought all of the ‘kid’s rinses’ at the store with all of the fun characters on them and none make my kids use it. They don’t like the flavor. As you know, if kids don’t like something on the very first try, it is impossible to get them to like it at all. With the awesome coupon for TheraBreath for Kids, where you can buy one and get one FREE, I took the chance.

The new TheraBreath for Kids! Oral Rinse is made with real Organic Grapes and sweetened with a touch of Xylitol, a natural non-sugar sweetener with demonstrated oral health benefits. The product also:

  • Is now certified gluten-free
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Freshens breath
  • Includes no artificial colors or flavors
  • Taste great! Kids love it!

Easy Oral Care Tips for Kids includes buying things they love

All three of my kids LOVE it! Between you and me, it smells and tastes like a Grape soda! What kids don’t love Grape soda? It is the first premium formulated Oral Rinse for kids that we moms can love. With no dyes, artificial flavors, CPC or other ingredients I don’t like, it is a wonderful alternative for good oral health for kids!

Brush WITH them for an Oral Care Tip for Kids

Get everyone involved with Easy Oral Care Tips for Kids

I can stand there all I want, but the real progress was made when I took my own electric toothpaste and oral rinse into their bathroom and did the routine with them. Kids LOVE to be silly with adults. So we have brushing, flossing and rinsing parties as one! As the song on their app plays, we all dance and wiggle as we brush to make it fun! Less than 5 minutes a day to dance and brush with my kids is a lot better than thousands later fixing the teeth they should have been taking care of!

No matter how you do it, come up with Oral Care Tips for Kids to get your kids into the good habits we all know they should have. Start with great tasting TheraBreath for Kids, which you can now buy one, get one FREE, and get creative!

What tips would you add?