I can be honest and say that I shop so much for this blog that sometimes, I just want to sit at my computer and ‘screen shop’. Online shopping is fun and fast and convenient too! Plus, if you know the right sites to go to to get coupons, freebies and more – like SelectAware.com -you can save BIG with little effort.

Win Win Win!


SelectAware.com claims it is a coupon portal, and it is. But it also offers FREEBIES, the latest rebates, sales and clearance, free shipping sites and more! Just click on the category you want and up pops all of the latest offers that are on the web from reputable sites and get started!

I am always on Amazon looking for great deals and coupons. Sometimes it can take a while. But I can go to SelectAware.com and get all of the coupons, free shipping offers and anything else Amazon offers all in one place!

Using the site is easy, too. Just go to SelectAware.com and either type in the store you want or click around to find offers from everywhere – big name stores and on. So I typed in Amazon and up popped their latest offers. I clicked the Amazon Coupons link and it took me straight to the page that has ALL of Amazon’s coupons ready for clipping! No hunting around on a product to see if I can find one!


This is a great site for Back to School too! As we mom’s know, back to school lasts longer than the first day. When I clicked the back to school option, up came coupons to Target, Inkjet and more! This is so helpful for me because I need to save every penny I have!

Where do you shop online? Could you save with some coupons, rebate codes, freebies and more? Then check out SelectAware.com and get started today!


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