Sarah:  Mommy, I want Happy Birthday pancakes this morning.

Me:  Ok – I’ll make them.

Mommy starts to get up to head to the kitchen.

Sarah:   Now, Mommy.  I want birthday pancakes now!

Me:  I have to cook them Sarah.

Sarah:  Oh….  Mommy, can you put me on my chair so I can have my birthday pancakes now?

Me:  Yes, Sarah.

Sarah:  Mommy, are they ready.

Mommy resists look of frustration at her 3 year old.

Sarah:  Mommy, I can make them faster.

Me:  I bet you could.

Mommy prepares the pancakes with a steady stream of Sarah chatter in the background.

Mommy serves pancake.

Sarah:  I want cream.

Mommy gets cream.

Sarah:  I want sprinkles.

Mommy gets sprinkles.

Sarah:  No, I’LL DO IT!

Mommy lets her do it and she spills the entire bottle on the counter, partially hitting the pancake.

Sarah:  Sorry, Mom.

Me:  It’s OK, sweetie.

Sarah:  Mommy, can I have a fork?

Mommy gets fork.

Sarah: Can I have a knife?

Mommy gets knife.

Sarah:  Can I have a napkin?

Mommy gets napkin.

Me: Anything else honey?

Sarah:  No, Mommy.

Mommy starts to walk away.

Sarah:  Mommy, I dropped my napkin.

Mommy gets fallen napkin.

Me:  All good now, Sarah?

Sarah:  Yes, mommy.

Mommy walks away again…

Sarah:  Mommy, can I have water?

Mommy gets her water.

Sarah:  Mommy, can you cut my pancake up?

Mommy cuts…

Sarah:  Smaller.

…and cuts

Sarah: Smaller.

…and cuts.

Me:  All Good?

Sarah:  Yup!

Should Mommy walk away??

Sarah: Mommeee….

Mommy sits down, watches Sarah eat and gives her what she really needs… a little attention.