I have always been proud of my age.  I was happy to be 30 because it meant I was done with my 20’s.  And I celebrated 40 because the 30’s were awesome with kids, but terrible with marriage.  So I am thrilled to be 40 and single!

Until now, I have not been terribly concerned about my skin.  I have been lucky to have fairly clear and unblemished skin my whole life.  I attribute it to being so grateful that my life turned out OK vs the way I was leading it as a teen, that my worry lines never appeared.

Olay Beauty Consultation #BeautyScoop #cbias

Well, now, at 40, I am noticing some changes.  And I am not upset about it, but I am thinking I need a little help learning how to take care of my skin so I continue to look presentable to the public.  So when I heard that I could go to my local Walmart and talk to a Beauty Consultant about Olay, Pantene and Cover Girl products for Free, I was all over it!

I grabbed my kids and headed to Walmart with the hopes that I would walk out knowing what I needed to continue to look like me.

Olay Beauty Consultation #BeautyScoop #cbias

I had no problem finding Cici, the Beauty Consultant.  She was front and center on the beauty aisle and ready to take 20 minutes out of her day to help me out!  After meeting the kids we talked about my skin, how dry it has become and how little time I really have to take care of it.

As we went from product to product, I realized that having a multi step program to help deal with my dryness, my aging and my time stress, was a lot easier than I though.  Especially when Olay has products like the new CC Cream!  CC stands for color and correction and this anti aging product is now my morning routine!  Not only does it contain SPF 15, something every woman needs, but it acts as a gentle toner to make my bare skin look more even and moisturized!  I absolutely love it!

Olay Beauty Consultation #BeautyScoop #cbias

We went on to talk about rich moisturizers that I would be able to wear any time and that could help counter the dryness in my face.  I have seen commercial after commercial for Olay Regenerist and have always been curious about it.  But when I get to the store I forget and walk right by the beauty aisle.  Well, this day I got it.

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This microsculpting cream has – in conjunction with the other products – changed my skin in less than a week.  I swear to you, I can tell the difference. My skin is softer, smoother and I don’t get that tight, dry feeling that makes me want to slather myself in lotion.  I seriously wish they made this for the whole body!

As we strolled around, we picked up some Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Cleaner – awesome! – and, because women of my age start to experience eye lash loss and dark circles and such, some Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting eye creme and lash serum duo.  This thing is so cool!  The cream helps with the dark circles and delicate skin of the eye lid and the lash serum helps strengthen and extend your lashes.  All necessary to stay beautiful!

Olay Beauty Consultation #BeautyScoop #cbias

Then we had to stop and get some Cover Girl Nail polish!  I love the bright, spring colors out now and my kids went nuts!  So we picked blue…. seems totally appropriate for my crazy girls!

One more issue that I needed help with was hair loss and thinning.  Since 40, it seems, my hair is falling out by the handful and thinning and breaking as well.  It could be the divorce or it could be a combination.  So when Cici told me that the Pantene AgeDefy Starter Kit could help me strengthen my hair, I grabbed a box and resisted buying 5.  I’ve used it twice and it is so easy.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Olay Beauty Consultation #BeautyScoop #cbias

Armed with a new excitement over my face, excited to have expert advice, I headed home to get ready to take four of my girlfriends to dinner.  Because, let’s face it, there is no better way to spend an evening than with women you love, appreciate and respect.

I decided it was high time I pay them back for all of the unwavering support over the last year.  So I got myself moisturized and gussied up and looking suave and we headed to a favorite Hibachi Grill in the neighborhood!

Olay Beauty Consultation #BeautyScoop #cbias

A night of laughter, fun and cookies followed and I happily celebrated having strong, beautiful woman in my life.  And just as I will now focus on my and getting myself back to the beautiful woman I know I am, I will continue to nourish my friendships and grow those as well!

Head to Walmart this Friday, Saturday or Sunday and look for your Beauty Consultant.  She will not only guide and educate you with what you need, but she will do so in a way that makes you so excited to take care of you, that you will form habits that can only benefit you for years to come!

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