I am so sorry I missed last week!  I think my oldest starting kindergarten has my brain completely fried and I simply forgot.  Last week I keep my 4 pounds off for the week before and this week, I lost another pound so we are slowly getting things back on track!

But instead of my usual “this is what I will do, this is what I won’t” post, I thought I would do a “Did you know?” question and answer post

S0 -let me ask you:

Did you know that Nutrisystem is based on the GI ScienceNutrisystem is based on the proven science of the Glycemic Index and is designed to keep you fuller longer and helps with hunger control.  Backed by 35 years of diet know how, Nutrisystem offers variety, nutrition, convenience and amazing menu options!

Did you know that there are custom menus for Everyone?  Yep -there is a plan for everyone.  Including a Silver plan for the senior set, a vegetarian plan and a Diabetics plan!  You can even take weekends off!  Everyone who wants to get healthy and lose weight on Nutrisystem can get a custom plan for them!

Did you know that Nutrisystem has many different support options?  That’s right.  From online dieticians, virtually 24/7, to telephone representatives available, to email and communities on the Nutrisystem website.  It is hard to feel alone in your journey with so many options available to help you be a success on the plan!  Follow the Nutrisystem Nations Bloggers on Twitter using hashtag #NSNation!

Did you know that there are online tracking and support tools?  On any day at any given time, I can go onto Nutrisystem.com and enter my weight, measurements and goals and Nutrisystem’s tools help me track the.  Plus, for every 10 pounds lost, you get a Nutribear.  Collect them all as symbols of pride in your weight loss journey!

Did you know that right now you can get $100 off every 28 day auto renewal order?  Right now you can get $100 off your auto renewal 28 day order plus FREE Shipping!  Over the months of your program, those add up to real, awesome savings!

Have other questions about Nutrisystem and the reason it works, how it works, and how you can get involved?  Head over to Nutrisystem.com for all of the great answers!

There is no better time to get healthy with me! You can join online at Nutrisystem.com or call and talk to one of their awesome customer service reps at 888-853-4689!

**I receive Nutrisystem products in return for posting about my experience on the program.  All writings are 100% my own opinion.**