Well it is week 21 and I am thrill to be making serious changes!

I did get on the scale last week and had climbed back up to 160 pounds.  Which meant I had only lost 8 pounds – because I gained 6 back.

This made me sad.  Very very sad.

It made me even more frustrated that my kids did not want to do the project I wanted to do with helping me remember to eat.  Every time I brought out the colors and stickers, they would grab them and run off and I would stop trying in frustration.

At about the time I was going to email my contact and tell her that I did not have what it took to be true to the program, a knock on my door and my new order, which I planned with the help of a dietician via email, had arrived!

It was the boost I needed!  The ring of the doorbell woke me up!

I looked at my new food, organized it ever so neatly in my cabinet, once again remembered that I was lucky to be on the program, and recommitted right then and there!

And then the doorbell rang again.   The work out DVD set I was hoping I would get arrived!

How many more signs did I need that I was not meant to give in to my self doubt about my ability to DO THIS!

Later that night, munching on some BBQ Soy Chips – surprisingly yummy, I sat watching Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition and listened over and over again as they talked about how to eat.  Eat 5 times a day.  Just like Nutrisystem suggests.  Not huge meals, but small portions and balanced.  And they kept saying, people who do not eat breakfast and eat the majority of their calories at night – hand raised – will gain and not lose!

I can SO do this!!  And do it WELL!!  All I have to do to lose weight is EAT!!!

Such an easy concept but harder to implement than I thought.

So, armed with my protein packed foods, my new DVD work out set, and my motivation that I can lose 40 pounds in 7 months if I just EAT, I lost 2 pounds this week!

SO, I am back down to 10 pounds down.

I’ll take it!  :)

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